ArtBin 6990AB Super Satchel Double De…

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Extra depth allows for storage of larger, bulkier supplies
Use “open core” (without dividers) for paper and albums or customize up to 8 compartments for multiple storage options including photo storage, card making supplies, dies, templates, punches, and more
Same “footprint” as original super satchels, so it’s stackable
Area on dividers accommodates standard size address labels to ID contents of each section
Fits in super satchel cube

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Extra depth allows for larger, bulkier supplies. Use open core or customize up to eight compartments for multiple storage options. Also fits inside Super Satchel Cube. (6855SC). Also accommodates 6901AB Serger Thread Tray. All boxes in the Super Satchel Series are molded in acid free polypropylene. All “Standard Depth”, “Slim” and “Double Deep” models are stackable.


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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 5 out of 5

    Great craft storage idea!!! |
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased this because I have a growing set of craft supplies and wanted to get some kind of organization for them. I started off looking for something that could hold my stickers and foam pieces with room for expansion and this fit the bill. The box itself measures W14" x L14" 6/8 x D6" and each bin measures W3"1/8 x L6" 5/8 x D6. The latches hold very well, with a nice click to know they are secure. Handle and casing seem very sturdy but haven't tried a large volume of weight as of yet. All the dividers can be removed and set up in any configuration you want but they don't seem to lock in so there is a change they can slide up when removing something. I came across the ArtBin 6939AB Marker Storage Tray and I finally had a place to story my pen sets so I could easy find and use them. It takes the place of 2 of the dividers and hooks in at about half way down the bin. You can put in a max set of 4 of these but there will be no dividers. As a side note there are a few on here that say Prismacolor double sided markers don't fit and I find that to be false as you can see from the pictures. A great add-on and I really can't find anything else like this for marker storage. Overall this is a great priced box with a lot function and possibly for all the crafters out there. Positives+ Hefty build Customizable Seems secure Stackable Negatives- Dividers don't lock in Bulky item so make sure you have the room
  2. 3 out of 5

    Roomy, but doesn't always close securely because of poor design |
    Verified Purchase

    I bought this box to store sewing supplies. I usually keep it in a locker in a school where I take classes. When I bought it, I had considered carrying it to and from home to classes, but quickly realized that would be too risky because the snaps that secure the box don't always close firmly. They are very little snaps that hook on narrow bars and look warped even when brand new. A couple of times they have fallen off and only with difficulty was I able to snap them back on. There is often no crisp "snap" sound, so I can't always tell whether it is actually closed, which is unsettling. As a result, I usually carry the box in my arms, which is awkward and unwieldy. This problem with the closures is a design flaw that I encountered with another style of ArtBin container a few years ago -- I use a box that has only one of the handles because the other fell off and was lost. The box was also a little hard to set up. There were no instructions and I had to work a little to slide the plastic dividers into place. The parts aren't machined well. I like the ability to easily see a number of supplies, but it's ridiculous to spend this kind (or any amount) of money on a box and to be afraid to carry it by the handle because it might open up and cause a crazy mess. If you need to carry it, I suggest using a luggage strap to ensure that it stays closed.
  3. 4 out of 5

    Versatile deep box for my scrapbooking supplies |
    Verified Purchase

    I use the Super Satchel Double Deep box to store my cardstock and die cuts, for scrapbooking. As with the other ArtBin organizers, it comes with dividers so you can customize the sections to fit your needs. The dividers were tricky to work with. There's a long divider for the middle -- mine had a slight bend in it. This caused the other dividers to slide in improperly, at first. To remedy this -- I used my hand to keep the mid-section divider straight, then slid the other dividers in place. That worked and I was good to go. This one has a handle and two latches that lock in place. The two latches are the type that wrap around the plastic (they are not fixed in place.) Take care when closing. Overall a nice versatile deep box -- ofc you can skip using the dividers altogether. Again, to fit your specific needs. These are stackable for convenient storage. Would recommend for organizing arts-and-crafts supplies.
  4. 5 out of 5

    Easy and Adjustable Storage |
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased two of these ArtBins at the same time and I just love them! I am kind of an organization freak when it comes to my sewing supplies so these were the perfect solution for me. In one I have all my threads broken out by color (yea call me crazy but it works for me) and in the other I have assorted sewing items, extra needles, seam tape, extra bobbins, just to name a few. This bin is also so versitile that you can remove dividers and make spaces larger if you need them to be. I love how it's clear so all I have to do is look in and see what I have or what I might need more of. If you like to keep your stash organized I highly recommend this item.
  5. 4 out of 5

    Sewing Box for the Wife |
    Verified Purchase

    My wife had her little sewing kit in a shoe box tied together with a string. I got her this for Christmas and she just loves it! She can fill it up and then grab it by the handle to haul it anywhere. The closure clips are assertive and there's no worry of it popping open.
  6. 5 out of 5

    Great Product |

    I use the Super Satchel Series in my sewing space. These are well-constructed. They are stackable and the handles make them easy to move. Sometimes, I pop the tabs off when closing them because I'm not paying attention. They pop right back on with no problems. I have four types of the Super Satchel boxes. They are the ultimate in flexibility. You should easily be able to configure a workable storage solution for your hobby. These house some of my sewing patterns. I don't use the dividers. I highly recommend these; I can't wait to buy more.
  7. 5 out of 5

    A very workable solution for Copics. |
    Verified Purchase

    I bought this for my copic markers. I am really happy with the result. I would have given it 4.5 stars because of a couple of annoyances, but feel it is better than a 4.0. What I like is that when filled it can sit upright on its bottom and the markers are stored horizontally. They do not shift or fall out of the storage tray. What I don't like is the 4 slots on the tray on each side of the support. They are smaller. I chose not to use these because when I pulled a marker out, the cap came off and remained in the bottom. I had to remove the tray and markers to retrieve it. Of course, all the markers fell out and I had to start that section over again. The other annoyance is that the lid does not fit down snuggly on the box. It bows out on each side a little. Other than that, I love it. I rarely write a review, but I have been looking at the few available options for quite a while and feel this is a good solution (for my needs).
  8. 4 out of 5

    Nice but not fully customizable |
    Verified Purchase

    This large bin is very handy for most purposes. You can really fit quite a bit into it. I would consider the main drawback for me is that the removable partitions are not fully customizable. There is one large piece that goes vertically, dividing it into a left half and a right half. That one has to be there if you want to use any of the other partition pieces. It is possible to have none or to divide it in half using that large piece and then there are smaller ones that can divide it into smaller compartments. I did not realize that you have to have the larger piece dividing it in half. I wanted to divide it into three long, narrow horizontal compartments. That is not possible. The partitions cannot snap into place without that one long vertical one. So, I am disappointed in that aspect, but all in all, this is a nice bin. I would up throwing all my crochet tools into it without any partitions.
  9. 2 out of 5

    Size is NOT as described.... |
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased this for storing Avon samples (after measuring what was being stored and researching for 2 days) due to the reviews that it's durable, has real hinges and the size. Durable: seems good-thick plastic (just received today so haven't had a chance to drop it yet) Hinges: love'm! Size: absolutely incorrect! Stated: 15.2 x 14 x 6.2 Measured Base (usable interior): 13 x 13 aprox The reason I state "usable interior" is because due to the design the interior floor is about 1" smaller than measuring exterior edge. With the middle divider in there is about 6 1/4 " usable to each side of the middle divider if you decide to use it; the size of the individual sections depends on how many dividers you use. I like the dividing system used, despite being a pain to get it set up; has "tracks" in the sides and floor to keep the dividers in place! Dividers are not flush with the lid, so you will not want to store small items that can overflow to another compartment when stood upright. If I had purchased this just for crafting it would've been a 5* review (maybe for due to needing 3 hands to get the dividers in place), however due to the false advertising of size that caused me to "waste" almost $30 knocks this down to a 2*. I do enough crafts that I'll figure out something for it, until then it goes into storage while I finish moving.
  10. 5 out of 5

    Great for homemade greeting cards (A2) |
    Verified Purchase

    After buying the smaller, single file version of this storage box [...] for my wife's homemade greeting cards, we bought this larger size for even more organization! She makes A2-sized cards (4.25" x 5.5", which is one-quarter of an 8.5" x 11" paper), and it holds those cards with a bit of room to spare. Their envelopes fit great as well, and in fact the entire box of 100[...] fits perfectly inside one of the eight divided compartments. Of course A2 sized embossing folders fit great also. This makes it a very useful organizer for cardmaking, and the quality/construction seems fine, so we are quite happy with the purchase. It's a better value than the smaller size, since this box offers 2x the storage for only 1.5x the price (approximately).