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Portable washing machine goes anywhere
Ideal for small loads and delicates,such asunderwears,socks,T-shirts,towels,etc.
Easy to operate, and powerful Just fill with water and set timer
Perfect for Apartments,Dorms,Travel ,your second washer at home
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Small Mini washer washing machine(XPB25-28A/PAN25A) No washing machine? Use Panda Mini Portable Washer. BIG BUCKS OFF! No more quarters! Just plug it in, fill with laundry, add soap and water and close the lid. That’s it! •Portable washing machine goes anywhere •Ideal for small loads and delicates,such as underwears,socks,T-shirts,towels,etc. •Easy to operate and powerful, Just fill with water and set timer •Perfect for Apartments,Dorms,Travel Brand: Panda Model: XPB25-28A/PAN25A (Mini Countertop, Semi Automatic,No spin circle)–All countertop mini washers are too small to have spin circle, if you are looking for more convenience to do your laundry, you may purchase our Panda twin tub washer with spin dryer. 5.5lbs capacity 0.65 AMP 50HZ 200W Unit Dimensions (W * D * H):14.2*14*19.3 inch( 360mm * 355mm * 490mm)< Master Carton Dimensions (W * D * H): 15.35*14.56*19.68 inch(390 * 370 * 500mm) Unit Weight: 6kg (13.2lbs) Carton Weight: 7kg (15.4lbs) 6months warranty


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  1. 5 out of 5

    a real 5 star alternative to coin-op machines |
    Verified Purchase

    0:000:00This video is not intended for all audiences. What date were you born?JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031201620152014201320122011201020092008200720062005200420032002200120001999199819971996199519941993199219911990198919881987198619851984198319821981198019791978197719761975197419731972197119701969196819671966196519641963196219611960195919581957195619551954195319521951195019491948194719461945194419431942194119401939193819371936193519341933193219311930192919281927192619251924192319221921192019191918191719161915191419131912191119101909190819071906190519041903190219011900SubmitAdobe Flash Player is required to watch this video.Install Flash PlayerI have been using this Panda Compact Washer for almost three weeks now with both light and heavier loads with GREAT results. It is now *super* convenient to be able to do almost all of my laundry at home, plus with all costs considered the savings will be VERY significant versus using coin-op machines. The directions it comes with are sort of vague so I've come up with a neat four step system to get a load done: 1. Wash: Fill the Panda washer with water to a little over the halfway mark, making sure the drainage hose (on the right of the machine) is UP and *securely* connected to the side of the washer unit. To fill the washer easily, I added a diverter+hose attachment to my shower head to fill the washer (RapidBath Deluxe Dog Bathing System). Add soap and clothing, keeping in mind "less is more" here - once you've set the timer and see how it is going, you can always add more water, soap, and/or clothing. To turn the unit on, turn the timer from 1-15 minutes depending on how long you want to pre-soak or wash the load. Presoaking helps; I tend to load it at night with what I've used/worn for the day, set for 3-5 minutes, leave it soaking then continue the load in the morning. Everything comes out very clean, fresh smelling and uses very little detergent. 2. Rinse: If your clothes were only lightly soiled and you want to re-use the soapy water just remove the clothes from the Panda and rinse in the tub - a large colander style basket and a hose helps here. If you will *not* be reusing the soapy water you can simply rinse the clothes by adding fresh water to the Panda washer while the hose is still in the tub for continuous drainage. This action is low tech/gravity driven - the hose must drain to a spot lower than its base. 3. Wring - or Not: If you don't want to hand wring, let the clothes sit in either the washer (drained), or tub for 5-10 minutes or more. 4. Dry: I use a Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer to remove as much water as possible and then hang to dry. For me, each load can hold about 2 days worth of clothes, except in the case of jeans or heavy bath towels which I have been doing in very small loads which means those articles pretty much wash by themselves. After a run through the spin dryer I hang the clothes on a Minky X-Wing Indoor Drying Rack, 45-Feet Total Drying Space, White and everything is always is dry in just a few hours time. I have only had this washer for a couple of weeks but at this rate it will have paid for itself within 3-4 months. It seems pretty sturdy though and as you can see from how well the agitator moves it can do a really good job at cleaning the clothes as long as it is loaded properly. My only slight hesitation in recommending this unit is the unknown factor as far as how long it will last but I'm happy having saved so many trips to the laundromat already and would definitely purchase again if for some reason it fails outside the six month warranty. For how well it functions, ease of use, and the price point I'll say I am VERY pleased with this purchase and easily give the Panda Compact Washer five stars.
  2. 5 out of 5

    Exactly what I needed! |
    Verified Purchase

    First off, I have to preface this by saying I have purchased the Wonder Washer and was greatly disappointed. This thing is a 100x better than the Wonder Washer. I own both and could not believe I wasted my money on the other washer. My needs were simple - a small washer that could wash normal items like jeans, sheets, pillow cases, bath towels... you name it. This is the washer that can do it. If you are living in a small apartment or are on a budget and are tired of schlepping clothes to the laundry every week or the endless hunt for quarters - this is for you. The washer is the perfect size to sit on a counter top. I put mine on my kitchen counter next to the sink when I need to do the laundry. The washer is actually fairly lightweight and comes with an easy carry handle, so moving it is not difficult. It also has a top fill hole with a hose. I strongly recommend swapping the hose it comes with with a REAL hose. Go to your local aquarium supply or hardware store and purchase one. I think it takes a standard 1/2" hose. Any high quality flexible rubber hose or PVC hose should do. You will also want a faucet adapter or something to fit snug into your faucet. For me, the aquarium hose I had worked perfect and was able to wedge into my faucet spigot tight enough to allow easy filling. The drain works fine. You can see it hanging on the right of the stock photo of the unit. I didn't even realize the unit had a fill hose and drain until it arrived. I guess I missed it in the description, but it works great. The washer itself is just the right size. The motor is amazingly strong. You can easily throw a beach towel or something like a queen size duvet sheet in there and wash it. It pulls through like a champ. Jeans work great too. To give you an idea, the 5.5lb capacity is about a regular men's pair of jeans or a single queen size duvet sheet or about two queen size flat sheets or two regular bath towels. It is more about wet water weight than anything. So if it absorbs a lot of water and gets heavy quickly, it may slow down some. A large sheet can be done, but you will need to fill the tank to 3/4 capacity with water before you add the sheet. Then push it under water so that it is covered. The key on larger items is to make sure there is enough water so that it always spins freely. So keep that in mind. Anything smaller like shirts, khakis or anything else will be a breeze. You will have to do multiple loads or get used to doing loads daily. But the convenience to me is worth it. My apartment was smaller and did not come with any hookups. The nearest laundry is about 3 miles away and closed early. I was always needing rolls of quarters and the local store was out or didn't have enough to spare. So things just never seemed to work out right for anything laundry related being convenient. This was the perfect solution. Also do yourself a favor and purchase the matching spin dryer. It is totally worth it. If you have to choose one, buy the dryer first. The dryer will not get your clothes 100% dry, but it eliminates a good 80-90% of the water to the point things are slightly damp. So a quick 10 minute air dry can usually dry your clothes after that (besides jeans that is).
  3. 5 out of 5

    I love it!!! |
    Verified Purchase

    I was very hesitant to purchase the machine, especially since there were no reviews yet on amazon. I was leaning towards buying the electric wonder washer but it only held about 2 pounds of clothes. Since this panda machine held 5 pounds, I decided to cross my fingers and go for this one. I just received it and have only done about 4 loads in it and I'm very impressed. The machine is made of good materials, alot of dirt comes out of the clothes, and the smelled very nice and looked clean coming out. You can fit quite alot of clothes in there too like 8 t-shirts and a bunch of undergarmets, and pajamas or a couple pairs of jeans and shirts. In the instructions, after the wash cycle (that can be set anywhere between a minute-15 minutes depending on how soiled the clothes are ), it recommends that you wash the clothes with plain water for a rinse cycle but I found it to be quicker to just throw the clothes in the bathtub and rinse while I was doing the next load in the machine. The only con of this machine is that the clothes are soaking wet when it comes out the machine which means you have to wring dry the clothes. Because I did 4 loads in one day, I got a little lazy wringing the clothes out and some of them took quite a while to dry (over 24 hours) but through research, I've found that the solution for that is ordering a spin dryer (through laundry alternative/amazon) which extract over 90% of the water. If you don't have one of those and/or you're not planning on getting one, just make sure you wring out the clothes as much as you can. Overall, I am pleased with it. I'm tired of loading up huge bags into a taxi and heading to the laundrymat. I live in a small apartment so it fits my needs just fine. I can already tell that my life will be much easier with this machine. If anyone's interested in seeing how well it works, there are a couple youtube videos that show the panda machine in action. Once I receive the spin dryer, I'll update the review to include how the two work together...but so far so good. I'm about to do a couple more loads tonight.. and I'm kind of looking forward to it..which is a good thing. The Panda washer is cute, sturdy, and does the job. The blue, white, and black design goes perfectly with my bathroom decor so I'm happy.
  4. 2 out of 5

    Excellent service, Malfunctioning and flimsy product |
    Verified Purchase

    There are three parts to this review and I will try to keep this short and precise. Quality of the product itself: 1) It is quite unbelievable how this product is worth $99. When I first opened the box, I thought I received a 5 lb toy. The plastic is thin and flimsy, not to mention that it is not even spinning, just like what the other reviewer had stated in his/her one star review. Having lived in Asia for many years, I can venture a guess how much this product REALLY is worth... sadly, I have to say, this thing is WAY overpriced. The margins are HIGH!!! 2) As shown in the pictures, there were cracks and "fractures" all over the machine, possibly due to damage during delivery. There are also leakages everywhere, which I honestly believe that it could be a safety hazard if the water goes into the motor and electric wires, and apparently was evident after we unscrewed the thing. 3) As an attempt to reconstruct this damaged product since it's already broken anyway, we took it apart and played with it. We ended up using the glue gun to repair the leakages and fix the motor belt so that it is aligned with the spinning wheel - right now we are giving it a test run as I am typing this. Will see if it works without flooding the bathroom. Packaging: 1) There is no bubble wrap or any kind of protective layers of packaging other than a thin paper box which is what it comes in with. I am positive that this contributes to the several areas of damage to the machine, and that's truly a pity. I have initially posted several pictures demonstrating the cracks and damages, but was later contacted by the seller, asking me to remove them. Taking into the consideration that the majority of the buyers seemed to have a great experience with this machine, I honored her request and took the pictures off. Email me privately if you are interested in seeing those pictures. Seller: 1) The seller is certainly worth complimenting. A representative, Christine emailed me back almost 5 minutes later when I first asked for a replacement. Prompt feedback, good customer service, and agreed to give me a full refund for the damaged product. At least the seller is willing to work with the customers and provide the help needed.
  5. 1 out of 5

    Be Aware of its Warranty!!!!!!! |
    Verified Purchase

    I just bought a brand new machine for my mother about 3 months ago at total cost of $105.39. She didn't use it very often. Today, the machine was totally dead! I contacted the company, and copied some emails from them as followings: "The Panda mini washer comes with 6 months warranty." "If the product is damaged or defective within 15 days after receiving the product, we will ship the replacement at our costs. We do offer free parts and maintenance instruction within 6 months, but buyer will be pay for the shipping." "Note: Installation of the motor may be difficult, we could request the picture instruction for you, however, we recommend you to ask your friends for help if they have some maintenance skills." They told me to check the belt first, and I checked the belt looked no problem. Then they told me the motor was dead...I would have to pay $18 shipping fee and I would have to install a motor by myself!!! I don't have a friend who has such machine maintenance skills. How much does that cost to hire someone to install a motor in the U.S.?! What a kind of warranty it is! You have to pay the cost of shipping and be prepared.
  6. 4 out of 5

    Great washer........BUT!!!!!! |

    This is a great mini washer and well worth the money. I did purchase it from the Canadian site mentioned in one review([...]). Why because the price came to $99 total with shipping. It got here in ONLY 2 days. I did't have a spinner (by Laundry Alternatives) at the time. They were on back order. I finally got it. GET ONE these spinner is well worth it. Pros: Fast 15 minute cycle, Small/Compact, Gets clothing clean. Cons: Drain hose is exceedingly too short, I will be replacing it with a longer version. NOISY, this thing is very noisy, it's a loud growling noise. Some reviews complain about it not rinsing, 1. Drain dirty water. 2. Refill with clean water 3. Drain rinse water 4. Refill with clean water 5. Drain, there rising done. This is what a full size washer does. This will save you money because it uses less water and you can do small loads of laundry and not have any piles hanging around. Also you use about a 10th of the laundry detergent you use in a full size washer. People claim it doesn't get clothing clean. Two things, 1. Treat items with a spot treater like Spray n Wash, Oxy clean spray, Resolve, Shout,Fels naptha soap, let them sit 5 minutes then wash that works well or 2. If item is still stained after wash, put it through 2nd wash cycle, it's only 15 minutes after all. This gets clothing amazingly clean I am very pleased it this and no piles hanging around. I have yet to do a thin blanket or sheet in it yet, it is just great. This is an average load that works well with it. 4 shirts, pair of socks, 1 smaller bath towel, 1 wash cloth, 1 large swimmer towel. As long as the clothing moves freely in the wash tub it will get the clothing clean. I love watching how it washes clothing. Also if anyone that has done laundry and I've been doing it since my brother showed me when I was 9 years old I am 42 years old now, knows what they are doing and if you are washing delicates you put them in a bag of some kind of (mesh laundry bag or zippered pillow case) to make sure they do not get damaged. Some have said you need to get a hose for your sink or bath tub faucet, I would agree, I installed faucets (long before I knew what a Panda Mini Washer was) that the water areator its self is a hose sprayer so I just pull it out and fill it. I would agree with them, you do need this or one that connects up and you can fill it. It is a lot easier. Well worth it BUT...Needs longer drain hose. *************UPDATE DRAIN HOSE DIRECTIONS UPGRADE 6/10/2012************************** I have extended the hose on the Panda Mini Washer, here is what you will need. One (1) 5 Foot or longer section of clear vinyl tubing 3/4" x O.D. (Outside Diameter) X 5/8" ID (Inside Diameter)(Amazon sells this for $29.70 per 100 feet, you might find a local store (like Fleet Farm or Menards) that sells this in whatever length you want. Even at Amazon's price it is well worth it) Two (2) 3/4" pipe clamps One (1) Garden Hose Coupling 3/4" FH x 3/4" O.D. (vinyl, nylon or plastic metal is too heavy)(I used Watts brand) One (1) Nylon Hose Barb Adapter 5/8" I.D. x 3/4" M/P (I used Watts brand) Removing the small plastic hose that is already attached to the Panda Mini Washer (PMW) is NOT recommmended, it voids your warranty and it is affixed very securely. 1. Remove the PMW's hose keeper by slightly bending the plastic hose, you will no longer need it. Store this in a safe place if you need to revert back to the PMW's original configuration. 2. Screw the Garden Hose Coupling to the Nylon Hose barb, make sure the washer is in place in side the Garden Hose Coupling. 3. Put One (1) 3/4" pipe clamp on the PMW's plastic hose and One (1) 3/4" pipe clamp on the clear vinyl tubing. 4. Put the 5/8" Nylon hose barb adapter on to the clear vinyl tubing and close the 3/4" pipe clamp. 5. Now place the 3/4" Garden hose coupling on to PMW's drain hose. Close the 3/4" pipe clamp. Your Panda Mini Washer now has a longer hose and can be filled with water just below the "Mini" name plate any higher and it leaks out between the blue wash tub and the lid/time control top. This really made a big difference in how well it washed the clothing and No more water spilling out the drain hose. REMEMBER TO PUT THE NEW LONGER DRAIN HOSE HIGHER THAN THE LEVEL OF THE WASHER OTHERWISE YOUR WASHER WILL DRAIN THE WATER OUT.
  7. 5 out of 5

    Also great for college dorm students |

    0:000:00This video is not intended for all audiences. What date were you born?JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031201620152014201320122011201020092008200720062005200420032002200120001999199819971996199519941993199219911990198919881987198619851984198319821981198019791978197719761975197419731972197119701969196819671966196519641963196219611960195919581957195619551954195319521951195019491948194719461945194419431942194119401939193819371936193519341933193219311930192919281927192619251924192319221921192019191918191719161915191419131912191119101909190819071906190519041903190219011900SubmitAdobe Flash Player is required to watch this video.Install Flash PlayerI received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I was not influenced by anyone in anyway. This is really going to be handy when we get our RV next year and start traveling. It's also handy for those that might live in a place that don't have laundry rooms and or they need something washed quickly. Besides most laundry rooms close down at a certain time, so having this will really help it it's late, the laundry room is closed and you need something washed a.s.a.p. Also great for college dorm students. This mini portable counter top washing machine fits perfect on a kitchen counter top. It did not move during washing or spinning. It stayed right in place. The spinning works really well. My clothing items, rung out really well from the spin cycle.. I really love the way this mini portable washing machine handles itself. I was actually quite surprised to see it work so well. This will definitely be going in our RV, (just need to get the RV and we'll be good to go) PROS: small, compact not heavy doesn't move at all during wash/spin cycles. CONS: the hose is situated for one side so I have to turn it around if my sink is on the other side, like it is. wish the hose was in the back center. moves around a little while on. Remember, don't put anything over 5.5 pounds. This is not for "let's see how much we can put in it" type of washer. So you need to be careful, even if you have to get a kitchen scale to weigh out your items, I would and I have.
  8. 5 out of 5

    Great machine |

    My small condo does not have room for a washing machine and the laundry facility for the complex is too small for the number of appartments. I ended up doing some personal items by hand in between with mixed results. A friend suggested one of those gadgets that look like an oversized blender which she used for her lingery and some other small items. It seemed to work ok but it was rather small. When I researched it on the internet I came across this little gem and ordered it instead. I liked the larger capacity and the drain made it easier to empty the water. The Panda does not have a spin cycle so I bought the table top spin dryer along with it. That was about 6 months ago and I have not made a single trip to the laudramat since then.(I will have to go there for the flannell sheets, rugs, sofa slip covers, etc) It holds about a third of a normal sized load. Since the "cycles" can be modified depending on how soiled the items are I noticed that clothes are getting visibly cleaner than with the "one wash fits all" of the commercial washing machines.I pre soak or pre wash stained items and double or triple rinse everything to remove detergent residue which dulls the colors and makes whites look gray after a while. After some trial and error I found the best way to do my laundry is to put a large plastic foot stool inside the bathtub (use an old towel or rubber mat under it to prevent scratches) and place the washer on top of it.It should sit securely, Use the hand shower to fill it and drain the water right into the tub when done. I usually wring the clothes lightly by hand before and between rinsings but you can use the spin dryer instead. After a final spin they are just damp and ready to hang to dry. From start to finish it takes a little longer than the usual 30 minute cycle, but I don't have to sit in a basement forever waiting for a machine to become available and I can do other things around the appartment instead. The Panda has made my life easier and has payed for itself many times over. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
  9. 1 out of 5

    I hate this so much. |
    Verified Purchase

    I did think twice about buying this product, but I still did and hoped for the best. I was excited to get it, but that quickly went downhill from there. It's true the item had no protective covering around in inside the flimsy box. It's also true that the hoses were flimsy, I expected it from the reviews. I followed instructions to make sure they're connected properly but there were leaks EVERYWHERE. I adjusted the water level (at this point I haven't put any clothes in it) based on the other reviews and it still leaked. Turns out it leaks from the inside the machine where the drain hose is. So I thought, okay I'll just put this in the tub then so it doesn't leak everywhere. I read in the previous reviews that it would be wiser to get a protective laundry garment bag so your clothes don't get caught or damaged so I did that. I tested one baby blanket in a garment bag, and it SHREDDED the garment bag AND the baby blanket. 20 minutes of cleaning later, I started the returns process. This was the day I got this machine. *UPDATE* There seems to be an English communication problem, I wrote one of my reasons for returning the item apart from the leaky hoses is that it 'severely damaged washed items'. I was e-mailed that they need a picture of the washer so that they can file a claim to UPS to replace my washer, because it is always destroyed in transit. (Suggestion: Maybe pack it better so it doesn't get destroyed in transit?) They thought that I said severely damaged WASHER. I e-mailed them back to tell them I just want to ship this thing back because of the grief it's caused. They e-mailed back saying if take a picture of the damaged in transit washer. I am so pissed off right now I'm thinking of sending them a picture of my destroyed blanket and washing bag. *UPDATE* Now receiving spam e-mail. *UPDATE* Had to pay $37, to 'return' item. *UPDATE* 5 days after USPS tracking and signature confirmation that the item was received, I haven't gotten my money back nor an e-mail from the seller that they have the item. Thank goodness for Amazon customer service! They are helping me to get my refund.
  10. 1 out of 5

    Was good at the beginning. |
    Verified Purchase

    UPDATE: 11/18/13 This machine only worked for about one month. It started to gyrate too much when it was washing that it eventually knocked itself over despite being on a flat surface. When that happened, the top of the machine broke off, snapping the plastic AND metal screws that held it together in the first place. What a waste! I tried to contact Panda about it but they want me to either send it back for repair, or trade it for a refurbished machine. AND they want me to pay for the shipping cost both ways! What's the point of a warranty if by the time I get it back, which they said would be 1 month, I would have nearly spent enough money on shipping to equal just buying a brand new one? Let's put it this way: I won't be wasting my time or anymore of my money. Honestly, your clothes don't get very clean anyway. All I want is my money back and they won't give it.