Broan F403004 30-Inch Two-Speed 4-Way…

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Contemporary styling
Four-way convertible; installs ducted 3-1/4-Inch by 10-Inch (vertical and horizontal), 7-Inch round (vertical) and non-ducted
Dishwasher-safe aluminum grease filter
7-Inch round plate included
Stainless steel
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Product Description Broan-NuTone F403004 30 Inch Range Hood, Stainless SteelSince their beginning in 1932, Broan has pioneered many of the product innovations now established as standards of the industry. Today, Broan carries on the commitment to provide the finest products in the industry.Broan-NuTone F403004 30 Inch Range Hood, Stainless Steel Features:; Broan 43000/F40000 Broan F40000; Stainless Steel Range Hood; Four-way convertible; installs ducted 3-1/4″ x 10″ (vertical and horizontal), 7″ round (vertical) and non-ducted; 160 CFM, 6.5 Sone (3-1/4″ x 10″ discharge) or 190 CFM (7″ round discharge) performance ?â?ó?ó?ÇÜ?¼” HVI 2100 Certified; Dishwasher-safe aluminum grease filter; Includes 3-1/4″ x 10″ damper/adapter and 7″ round adapter From the Manufacturer Constructed with quality and good looks, the F40000 is superior to the competition whether ducted vertically, horizontally, or non-ducted. Two speed fan control. Polymeric blade and light lens (accepts up to 75W bulb). Washable aluminum filter. Converts to non-ducted by removing convert plate from front of hood and installing the non-ducted filter (purchase separately). Mitered sides and hemmed bottom for safety and good looks. Damper/Duct connector included. 7-Inch round plate included. Contemporary styling. Four-way convertible; installs ducted 3-1/4-Inch by 10-Inch (vertical and horizontal), 7-Inch round (vertical) and non-ducted. Non-Ducted Filter sold separately – Model 41F. 160CFM, 6.5-Sones (3-1/4-Inch by 10-Inch discharge) or 190 CFM (7-Inch round discharge) performance – HVI 2100 Certified. Dishwasher-safe aluminum grease filter. Includes 3-1/4-Inch by 10-Inch damper and adapter and 7-Inch round adapter.


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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 5 out of 5

    this was perfect for my needs! |
    Verified Purchase

    I never had a stove without a range hood, but when I moved in my new house (which is actually a very old house) there were only cabinets above the stove. No hood at all. I really missed the light the most! Venting would have been very difficult as the house is made of stones, and the walls inside are concrete blocks with metal mesh holding plaster. Not a simple drywall type installation at all. So I decided a ventless hood was the best and easiest option for me. I worried that it wouldn't be effective, but it does a surprisingly good job at moving air. A little noisy, but most hoods I have ever owned were slightly noisy. There is a clip-on cover for the front little vents if you indeed have a vented option. I did not know that hood was not shipped with the extra filter needed for ventless operation. There is a mesh cover for the fan, but it is not a filter. Further, the item amazon featured on the hood product page was NOT the one that went with this. I went to the Braun website and still was confused. I finally found the right one: it is this one:Broan #41F Range Hood Filter. There may be non-Broan brand filters available, but I wanted to be sure I got the right one, so I went with the name brand the first time. This filter is installed with the blue side next to the blade and then put the included mesh screen over that. There is a clip that holds them in place. The hood does require hard wiring. I did not have that either!! (Why are these projects always so complicated?!!!) However, there is an item available (and noted on the Broan website) called BR-HCK44 - Range Hood Power Cord Kit. It is "for use when hard wiring is not an option and a plug is needed." There is also a wall mounting bracket (BR-35) for installations where there is no upper cabinetry. I didn't need the bracket as I had upper cabinetry. I don't think either are available here on amazon, but just google the model number/name and you will find one. They are relatively inexpensive. I actually had to run my new plug cord down the wall and use the outlet behind the gas stove. If you have a similar problem, here is my solution, maybe it could work for you, too. I was putting in a glass tile backsplash behind the stove anyway, and wanted wood or ceramic border to "frame" the small tiles. I figured I could use the recess of one of the trim pieces to hide the cord as it ran down the wall and then simply plug it into my grounded outlet behind my gas stove. (Most gas stoves need an outlet behind them for clocks, electric ignition, timers, oven light, etc.) I couldn't find any ceramic that worked, but instead routed out some trim molding with a dremel, tucked the cord behind that channel, and used the wood to frame my tile backsplash. The wood should be safe, it is no closer than any adjacent cabinetry would be. You can't tell there is a cord there, and it is pretty protected from bumps since it is behind the molding. (I just used little finish nails in case I need access to it in the future. I put them in the wood first so I wouldn't nick the cord.) I did need a short grounded extension, too...the add-on cord was only 3 feet long, but the ugly stuff is behind the stove. It was a tricky problem, and some of you may already have wiring in place, but just in case you run into something like I did, I thought I would post my work-around! Maybe I will post a picture of it one of these days! One more tip...if you have to install this by yourself (like I did) it is HARD holding the thing up with one hand (and your head!) and marking the holes for drill/screws with the other! SAVE your packing box, put it on your stove and put the hood on top. It will hold your hood very close to its final position for you so you can make the marks for the screws! I think I added another little amazon box so it sat high enough. OR use the cardboard from the box to make a template for where the drill holes need to be (it is easier to hold cardboard than a range hood!)
  2. 2 out of 5

    Noisy, but does the job |
    Verified Purchase

    For the money, i guess it is unfair to expect a whisper quit unit, so you get what you pay for with this. I was replacing a very old Broan hood, so i got this mainly because i had hopes that it would fit the space i had with minimal fuss and this did hold true and thereby accomplished my primary goal. I was a bit amazed that being 30 years newer, the filter arrangement was so flimsy compared to the one i was replacing. I'll just have to live with that. This unit is also noticeably noisier than the original as well. One thing that also surprised me was that if you vent the unit out through the wall, there is a vent in the front that must be covered up with a cheesy looking black plastic cover. I didn't notice it in the pictures on the amazon web site, but it is very noticeable in my kitchen. This is the result of having chosen a 'convertible' unit. I could not discern what the term actually meant and assumed it meant venting through the back or the top. In the end, i think it means you can use it vented through the wall or just recycle the air indoors. My experience is a reminder that buying this type of product online is fraught with decisions that are costly to recover from, if made without understanding exactly what is being selected. This is made all the more difficult because Broan offers many, many units to pick from and their description of what makes the units unique are amazingly vague and difficult to understand, even after going to their web site and downloading the instructions beforehand. Additionally, i found it impossible to find any local stores who carry these in stock, so it is impossible to do that type of legwork first. In the end, it might be unfair to give only two stars for this product, since you basically are getting about the cheapest hood you can buy, so the rating really reflects the frustration of not being presented with enough intelligible information that i might have been able to pick a unit that more closely matches what i was attempting to get.
  3. 5 out of 5

    Great little hood for the price! |
    Verified Purchase

    Our builder-grade (G.E. brand) hood bit the dust so we bought this one. Fully expected I'd have to hire an electrician, so we "uninstalled" our other unit to save time (because electricians charge by the hour). When we got it out (four screws!) we looked at it and figured out that we could re-use the other unit's electrical plug on this unit (we have an electrical outlet in the cabinet above our hood) so we did. It took my husband and I about 30 minutes to install (one holding the unit, while the other one puts in the screws). It is versatile, too, because you could use it on just about any kind of vent (round or rectangular) and it fits beautifully. It is SOOO much quieter than our other one, and you can actually feel the air rushing past your hand when you turn it on(our other hood was never that efficient!) Checking online for other prices, the cheapest I could find was about $150 or thereabouts, so imagine my surprise when this one arrived in perfect condition, and was so easy to install! Awesome! I have a light and a fan again! Yippee!
  4. 3 out of 5

    Verified Purchase

    Hood is well worth the money but until Amazon change the website DONT REPEAT DONT buy the Broan BPSF30 Non-Ducted Filter Set for 30-Inch Allure, 2-Pack that the website suggests as this is not the correct NON DUCTED FILTER, you need to look up Broan part number 97007696. otherwise you will be doing what i have had to do, sent the filters back and reorder elsewhere. not problem getting return authorised just have to hunt down the right ones now.
  5. 4 out of 5

    Fairly cheap and easy installation. |
    Verified Purchase

    I've been using this range hood for about a month and it does its job just fine. It sucks up most of the smoke in high speed mode and sucks only about 50% of the smoke in slow mode. My only gripe is that this unit is quite loud in high-speed.
  6. 4 out of 5

    Not alone |
    Verified Purchase

    Do yourself a favor and have another person there to help. Knucklehead me tried to install it alone and scratched my brand new stainless range, the hood AND the damned wall. The. Hood is decent quality. Looks good. However, the hole for the external air vent does NOT match the old vent. it is a couple inches off. So I removed the mounting screws and just shoved it in then mounted the hood. As another rater said the stupid little piece of plastic the supply to cover the internal vent in front is cheese at the very best. Had to try a few times to get it to stay ohen the fan was turned on. Oh - the fani is pretty quiet - at least compared to my old ones which sounded like aleer jet taking off. I recemmend it. cheers.
  7. 5 out of 5

    Easy to install |
    Verified Purchase

    After 40 years of buying very expensive halogen lights for my old stove top hood that had those dopey "push touch" buttons the push button didn't work any more and I needed a new stove top hood. I saw this one on amazon and ordered it. The main reason I chose this one was because it called for a regular light bulb - not those costly halogen ones that get so darn hot. Wow......great product. And now I can finally see what I am doing on the stove. The fan also operates fairly quiet on low. It does get a bit noisy on high - but I never use it on high. It was very easy to install. A friend and I did it in less than an hour. And this one has toggle switches. Thank heavens.
  8. 4 out of 5

    Then it’s like it disappeared |
    Verified Purchase

    This hood replaced an older almond colored hood that was the same size. The hood arrived with a small dent on the front edge just right of center. My wife thought it was hardly noticeable, so I installed it. I saw it every time I walked past it for about 2 weeks. Then it’s like it disappeared. I just thought of it for this review. I think that the shipping box was perhaps not intended for UPS handling. After turning off the breaker to the outlet that served the old hood, the new power connection was easily stripped and secured to the existing plug. Please note that the hood is intended to be hard wired as shipped. If yours is a new installation that is intended to be plugged in, a plug adapter will need to be purchased separately. The old hood recirculated air. I ran a new vent through the roof because I like to make projects as difficult as possible. The knockouts for the roof vent are securely mounted. It took enough force to knock them out so as to warp the top of the hood. It is not noticeable once installed. The included black plastic internal vent cover is supposed to clip on the outside of the hood when vented through the roof. I managed to reach up into duct in order to mount the plastic cover internally to the vent. I thought that the black plastic looked cheesy on the front of the hood. From a 6’ tall vantage, the hood looks sleek. At a 5’ tall vantage, the underside appears unfinished. That was not a deal breaker. Just keep this in mind since there are options with a stainless steel finished underside. All-in-all it was a cheap, simple and effective upgrade around our new appliances.
  9. 4 out of 5

    Solid and cost effective |
    Verified Purchase

    After having two DOA units from another manufacturer, I turned to this (white, 30 inch) Broan model. The unit arrived quickly and in perfect shape. I was replacing and old (yucky) unit that was using the rectangular duct to the outside. Installation was pretty easy. It probably took me about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish with removing the old one, putting this one up, and clean up. The unit is pretty loud but I knew that (by looking at the manufacturer spec sheet) before buying. It's probably not any louder than the one I replaced though. As others have commented, the plate that covers the vent grill is a little cheesy. If you are ducting this unit (which I was), you will need to use this cover to block the vent grill that would be used in a non-ducting scenario. It clips on pretty well, if you try hard enough, but it doesn't completely seal and I can feel a little air escaping out when the unit is on. Not a huge deal as 98% of the air is going out the duct as intended. Regardless of what the manufacturer cut sheet says, this unit is not 30 inches wide. It is about 29 3/8 inches, which allows it to fit inside a standard 30 inch cabinet opening. So, maybe just a little semantics but the manufacturer should probably be a little clearer on this since it was confusing to me. Originally I didn't think I was going to be able to use this as it was going to be slightly too big for my opening. However, after scouring the Broan site, I found an FAQ that in fact said the units are slightly less wide than indicated so they can fit within the specified opening. Makes sense to me now but, again, a little confusing at first. Overall this was a great buy and a solid unit. I couldn't find any ducted options in my local homestores without spending two to three times the cost of this unit.
  10. 4 out of 5

    It's basic... not a fashion statement |
    Verified Purchase

    It's a good entry level range hood that serves the purpose but does come with some baggage. I have installed one of these in my last four homes in the past 20 years and they are easy to install and the quality is not quite what it was in earlier years... but what is anymore. This one was installed directly against a blank wall (no cabinets above or on the sides) and the piping up to the ceiling is exposed and painted to match the hood. We wanted the utilitarian look because we don't like wall cabinets and it came out pretty good... IMO. However, the hood has a few issues that may mean nothing to anyone else but here's why it gets 4 stars and they are: -The seams where it comes together after being bent are on the left & right front sides so, when the light is on you can see it shining through. -If you want to use round pipe the only size hole on the top of the hood is 7" and that's pretty large so I had to purchase a reducer to go from 7" to 4". I say 7" is too large because the fan does not have the power to move that much cubic air. -Low speed is pretty quiet but high speed is very noisy. -The light is not centered and the cover for it is very flimsy. -The instructions state that you need a separate mounting bracket to install it unsupported on a wall (as I did) but that's not correct if you find at least one stud and use some toggle bolts for the sides. I do not put much weight on the top but do use it for display of some kitchen collectibles. I don't find most of the above points to be too problematic because I didn't have a lot to choose from for a black hood. If all you want is a basic fan then this is it. I have vented mine outdoors so I can't comment on using it without being vented but it seems not doing so would mean you're just adding a light over the stove. The main reason for the 4 stars is the poor fit on the seams that lets the light shine through which is a peeve for me but may mean nothing to anyone else but it would be that way even with cabinets on each side.