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ARTIST-QUALITY WET CHALK MARKERS – EACH CRAFTED WITH OUR POPULAR REVERSIBLE TIP (See images) – Great for kids AND adults – Won’t distort or dry out prematurely. Fast dry and easy erase. Chisel tip ideal for precise design work and broad strokes and round tip ideal for free writing and coloring
WITH BRIGHT AND VIVID NEON COLORS, Vegas Wand are the #1 choice for business owners, teachers, hoobyists, designers of menu and bistro boards, auto and car sellers and all lovers of neon party supplies
EASY, FUN, AND VERSATILE MARKERS, ideal for use on glass, mirrors, plastics, metals, non-porous blackboard and chalkboard, varnished wood, chalkboard contact paper, appliances, whiteboards, counter-tops, stainless steel, glazed ceramic tile, and more
LUXURY DESIGN AND FEEL (100% ARTIST QUALITY GUARANTEED) and more bright, vibrant and fun than regular colored chalk. 2 FREE guides with every purchase + a 90-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee
CHALK INK USAGE WARNING: All chalk markers will be difficult to remove if used on porous surfaces (including most chalk paint). We always recommend testing a surface if you are unsure. 100% water-based, non-toxic, and dust free

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CREATE EYE-POPING NEON ART FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS ON NEARLY ANY SURFACE THE ‘VEGAS WAND’ WORKS ON GLASS, MIRRORS, PLASTICS, METALS, NON-POROUS CHALKBOARDS, VARNISHED WOOD, CHALKBOARD CONTACT PAPER, APPLIANCES, WHITEBOARDS, COUNTERTOPS, STAINLESS STEEL, GLAZED CERAMIC TILE, and MORE – Fast dry and easy erase – High quality fiber tip – Non-toxic and neutral smell Ultra High-Quality Reversible Tip (use chisel or round) Won’t Distort or Dry Out A lot of liquid chalk markers on the market will dry out and the tip will lose shape very quickly. This can be extremely frustrating if it happens while you are creating something special for your home or business. Our ‘Vegas Wand’ Chalk Markers are designed with premium quality fiber tips that won’t distort or dry out prematurely. As long as you follow the basic care instructions (see below), you will enjoy high quality, eye-popping neon art markers that last a long time and create amazing results. FREE Gift of ‘Liquid Chalk Art Mastery’ PDF + Basic Care Instructions PDF – FREE report on how to master the art of using liquid chalk pens (for the home or for your business). – FREE basic care instructions PDF to get the most out of your liquid chalk pens. If you are at all dissatisfied when you receive your wet chalk markers, you are covered with a 90-day NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED money back guarantee! So Take Action Now and Click the Button at the Top of the Page to Get Your Premium Quality Markers!! ALL CHALK MARKERS WILL BE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE IF USED ON POROUS SURFACES, INCLUDING MOST CHALK PAINT


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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 5 out of 5

    Vibrant Chalk Markers by Vegas Wand |

    Love these Chalk Markers by Vegas Wand. I have used them on my daughter's bathroom mirror, to leave funny or inspirational quotes at night while she sleeps, that way she has something nice to read while she brushes her teeth. She looks forward to reading the quotes. Although you are not suppose to use it on porous surfaces like posterboards, we did. My daughter had a school science project on the solar system and we decided to use the awesome very vibrant chalk markers. They stood out on the black poster board. Easy to use and write with! Perfect for any occasion and on chalk board, mirrors or a label. Definitely recommend everyone buy and try some fun projects with your kids, the possibilities are endless!
  2. 5 out of 5

    No need to look any further!!! |
    Verified Purchase

    I can't say that I have tried other liquid chalk markers, because I haven't, however, using these markers have convinced me that there is no need to even try another brand. I am a teacher, and this year I have decided to use chalkboard contact paper and pasties in order to more vibrantly display information in order to create a more exciting learning environment. These markers worked absolutely amazingly on every surface I used them on...whiteboards, contact paper, and chalkboard pasties. The video tutorial on how to properly use the markers was clear and concise, and I love that the tip can be alternated so easily. The color payoff is also great, they are smooth to write with, vibrant, and stand out beautifully on all of thine surfaces I tried. I'm an absolute fan of these markers and you won't regret purchasing them. I'm not sure how long they will last me, hopefully forever, but I will update on that as soon as I get to that point, because of course quantity and prolonged use of the product count! I'm very happy with this purchase, and the emphasis the company places on customer satisfaction!
  3. 5 out of 5

    Great pens for any surface |

    I bought these pens for decorating and designing art at work in the shop windows. Have realised that they not only work on the windows really well, but also on the fridge, on the menu board, on glass jars, on food tins, and basically every surface I have tried so far. You do need to pump the pens a few times to get them working the first time and occasionally need to wet the tip with a little bit of water to get the colors flowing easily. But it's very easy really and heaps of fun to use. Definitely recommend these for any artist or business!
  4. 5 out of 5

    Great Chalkboard Markers! |
    Verified Purchase

    Love these! The colors are true to what you see advertised and flow so smoothly. Easy to clean. Wanted to brag on the customer service, I didn't need to contact them because I didn't have an issue, but the follow up regarding my experience with their product was very appreciated!
  5. 5 out of 5

    Love these Markers!!!! |

    Amazing!!!!! I have bought numerous types if chalk markers and these surpass the others in quality By far! So glad I gave them a chance. They erase well and so far I have not noticed any shadows. I have used them in glass and black vinyl chalkboard.
  6. 5 out of 5

    You cannot go wrong with these |

    We've had these for several months now. They work marvelously! The colors are so vibrant, and as long as the surface is nonporous then you have no worries about staining...we certainly haven't had a problem. And in case you're wondering if you have yourself a nonporous surface, the markers come with instructions for how to test it before you go hog wild on it. We've drawn on windows (the kids made holiday scenes for Christmas), the stainless steel fridge, glass in the picture frames, bathroom mirrors, and Con-Tact chalkboard paper. These markers have worked well on all of them. We'll definitely be purchasing these again when ours go dry!
  7. 5 out of 5

    Very HAPPY with my purchase of these chalk markers! |
    Verified Purchase

    Very HAPPY with my purchase of these chalk markers! I was a little worried when I first received them as they had all come out of the packaging during transit and one had the cap off when I first opened up my box of goodies (this wasn't the only item in the box). Along with these markers, I purchased a Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard Mural, Big.( That's the main reason I was in the market for this product. Once I was able to get the surface put up, I tested all the markers out to make sure each one was working...especially that one that had the cap off. To my happy surprise, they all worked great! It takes a little time to shake each of the markers up to get the chalk ink flowing initially, but after that, it comes out in a nice, smooth line. The colors are bright and vivid. They look great on my new chalk "board". It's very easy to switch between the chisel point to the round tip too...but a little messy once you've been using the marker. No problem though since they are water soluble. It washes off your hands with a quick rinse. I tested wiping the writing away too, and with a slightly damp paper towel, the chalk wiped away perfectly. Very happy with the product and the company. When I made the purchase, I received an email from the co-founder wanting to thank me for my purchase as well as to make sure I received everything and to check if there were any issues. I really appreciated the follow up customer service. You don't get that a lot these days. I would definitely recommend these chalk markers to anyone looking for great quality, bright colors, easy use and clean-up for a chalk board surface (NONPOROUS). You can use these on many other surfaces too, but I bought them specifically for a nonporous chalk board surface. ***Just remember, don't use these on a porous surface if you want to be able to wipe the chalk away clean.***
  8. 5 out of 5

    Bright, Beautiful Colors and Smooth Clean Lines |
    Verified Purchase

    I wanted to label my canisters, so I decided to try something I had never used before and get chalkboard labels and chalk markers. I also bought a large chalkboard sheet for the wall to decorate and write notes and shopping lists. I also went crazy trying to figure out which markers to buy and I decided to go with a very inexpensive set of bright dry erase markers that some other posters had recommended. For what I wanted that was a mistake, so I went back into Amazon and found this set of liquid chalk markers and the difference was like night and day. These markers are large and when you shake them you can feel the fluid in the barrel. The colors are nice and bright and they write smooth clean lines that are more like a marker. They are versatile with a tip that can go from chisel tip to bullet tip by just turning the tip around. I noticed that you can erase your work completely by using a damp cloth, because some remnants remained when I used just a dry paper towel. It does completely erase though. I recommend these markers, rather than less expensive choices (these are NOT the most expensive at $18.99, with many sets well over $20.00). Your final product will look really nice! IN REGARD TO COMMENTS MADE BY A REVIEWER NAMED "CRAZYHAPPYMOMMY" who has NOT PURCHASED THESE MARKERS yet GAVE THEM A 3 STAR RATING.....I did NOT receive these markers for free or at a reduced price. I paid $18.99 for them after studying reviews for hours before settling on PURCHASING these. I have NEVER written a positive review for anything that I didn't feel earned it! Perhaps you should actually PURCHASE an item before issuing star ratings which UNFAIRLY reduce the average and dilute the ratings that those of us who actually purchased the item.
  9. 5 out of 5

    Awesome markers from a company that cares! |
    Verified Purchase

    These markers are awesome! I own a bakery and use them on menu chalkboards, windows, display cases and everywhere else I can! Absoloutely LOVE the colors and as someone who worked customer service for 15+ years I am INCREDIBLY impressed by the fantastic customer service and follow up from this company! I won't buy markers anywhere else- ever again!
  10. 5 out of 5

    Smooth as silk, with great color and coverage |
    Verified Purchase

    These apply as smoothly as silk. Once I had them primed and going, I was surprised by how wonderfully the chalk ink flows from them. Refreshing the tip was a simple as pressing down a couple of times on a piece of cardboard I had ready for this purpose. The colors are rich and coat very well. I wish that they could be used on a porous chalkboard surface, but as it is clearly spelled out that the product will stain such surfaces, I was forewarned. I am impressed with how the company includes on the packaging a link to an instructional video. These really are quality products and I highly recommend them. They're just pleasure to use! I'll post a photo of the sign I did today. We are going to resurface the chalkboard sandwich board with something else, so I used these chalk markers on it knowing that it would stain the paint. I just couldn't wait to try them out and I wasn't disappointed!