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Maitre’D 6-bottle capacity countertop wine cooler with clear glass door and interior light
Features energy efficient semi-conductor cooling technology – Does not use refrigerants
Silent operation and no vibration to disturb the wine
Digital LED thermostat can be set from 39.2F -71.6F (4C-22C)
3 sculpted chrome wire shelves cradles the wine
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Product Description The Danby DWC620PL-SC Maitre’D 6 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler, in Platinim, is not only compact but extremely energy efficient. Designed to take up a minimum of space in the kitchen or bar, this model can cool up to 6 bottles of wine at a time. The interior LED light can be turned on to showcase the contents.Package Content:wine coolermanualwarrantyHeight 17.00Width 11.00Depth 22.00Weight 27.00Color PlatinumOperating SystemBatteries IncludedBatteries RequiredNumber of BatteriesBattery TypeLanguage English, French, SpanishAssembly Required From the Manufacturer The Danby DWC620PL-SC Maitre�D 6 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler, in platinum, is not only compact but extremely energy efficient. Designed to take up a minimum of space in the kitchen or bar, this model can cool up to 6 bottles of wine at a time. The interior LED light can be turned on to showcase the contents.


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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 4 out of 5

    A super value at $250 or less. Looks great. Good budget priced wine cooler |
    Verified Purchase

    For those of you who are conflicted and confused about what the distinctions are between a "wine cooler" and a "wine cellar", let this reviewer be clear about this Danby model: it is a mini refrigerator that has a tinted glass door instead of a solid door, and a black interior instead of a white interior, and has wire racks spaced to accommodate wine bottles instead of groceries. Other than those styling differences I am sure that it is made on the same factory line as Danby's mini fridges, has the same mechanical guts and thermostat, and is otherwise not in any way made especially for wine. It's a mini refrigerator styled to make you feel good about putting your wine in a "wine cooler" instead of a refrigerator. That is not a bad thing, in itself. But don't expect too much beyond that. Many people feel that the ideal temp for wine storage is about 55F. I was able to get the Danby to maintain a roughly stable temp of 55F with the temp dial turned to barely a fraction above OFF. With the thermostat turned higher (stronger) it is likely that the unit would achieve a temp much like a regular fridge, of about 40F. Several reviewers have noted that their units ran "cold". One thing I did notice, using a digital thermometer, was that there was about a six to seven (6-7) degree difference between the top rack and bottom rack of the unit. If it was 55F on the top rack then it was 49F or even a little colder on the lower racks. Someone thinking about paying a premium price for a cooler model advertised as "dual zone" might want to contemplate this. It may be that wine coolers of this type are "dual zone" by nature, no need to stress and worry and pay extra for this "feature". Some people have expressed the opinion that leaving wine in a unit like this for extended periods will dry out the corks. I left a digital humidity meter inside for a day, and noted that the humidity level was 60%. Hardly desert like. The unit seems well built and solid. It certainly weighs enough at about 70 pounds. It is slightly noisy, as others have noted, making a noticeable whine when cycling for a few minutes every so often. But I tend to think that the sound levels are more a product of a unit like this being placed in living rooms or dens, where this kind of noise is unusual and calls attention to itself, more than it is due to the system being more noisy than average. It does in fact hold 36 standard sized bottles. Adding one broad shouldered bottle per row didn't cause any problem. But if your whole assortment of wine is all broad shouldered bottles then you might wind up with only four bottles per row rather than five. But standard 750ml bottles were no problem. I am basically happy with my Danby wine cooler for what it is: an inexpensive unit that is mostly for convenient wine storage close to the dining table, at a temp that is approximately the right temp for storage, that protects wine from big temp swings and excessive heat. It's not a system for long term aging or preservation. For the price, about $240.00 from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members at the time of this review, it is certainly the cheapest unit of this type on offer. It seems to be a great bargain, even with the features that it lacks. It does not, for example, have a digital temp readout, or the ability to maintain warmer temps up to about 60F, or humidity control, and although the racks are removable they are not slide out trays, you have to pull each bottle out to see what it is. For the money I am a happy buyer. At higher prices one should be more critical, and might think harder about the system's characteristics before buying.
  2. 3 out of 5

    Good value, not for long term storage |
    Verified Purchase

    I did a bit of research before deciding to purchase the Danby. The price was right and reviews of other makes tended to say things like "stopped working after n months". Also, the thermoelectric technology on many of the other makes doesn't seem to be able to keep things cool if the temperature reaches above 85 or 90, which is quite easy to achieve in NY during the summer. The Danby has an old tech compressor which is time tested and should be reliable for years. The major problem is vibration. When it's running the thing vibrates the wine bottles excessively. This is bad for long term evolution of wine. But, if you have bottles for long term this thing is way too small to begin with. My long term stuff is in a wine storage facility. The other problem is the temperature control. Wine shoud be stored at 53-55deg. At the very, very lowest setting (knob turned to just above where it turns off) it varies between 49-53deg, as tested by a Taylor 1458 wireless temp/humidity gauge. A little too low but acceptable for short term, at least it's not too high which will ruin wine faster than anything. Humidity is also diffcult to maintain and is too low (30-40%) even with a bowl of water and wet paper towel. These faults make it useless for long term storage of wine (several years), but for short term (months) it should be fine.
  3. 4 out of 5

    Great Value |
    Verified Purchase

    Arrived on time. Works as advertised. Great value. It is not perfectly quite, but not loud either. This is not the cooler for you if you are looking for precise temp control given the analog temp control on the back. It would be nice if the light control were on the outside. Given the price, these are small complaints. UPDATE: After a year I noticed it would stop cooling from time to time. I would move the temp adjust knob around and it would start working again. Had to have the module replaced that has the temp adjust knob. Everything was handled under warranty by a local service company. Been working great ever since. Knocking it down from 5 to 4 stars. Overall still very satisfied.
  4. 1 out of 5

    DO NOT waste your money or time |

    This isn't even worth it for a basic collector. There isn't a temperature display, but the large problem here is that the temperature control switch offers NO range at all. You could for example set it to highest or lowest settings and get no difference AT All in actual temperature. Not only that but the temperature is too cold for red wine to be properly stored. I hate to be a perfectionist here but hey, isn't that why we buy these things in the first place? I've spoken with other former owners of this hassle of a cooler and heard the same review. The best part was when I called to tell Danby of the problem customer service told me the problem was an isolated problem they've never had before and that the temperature should be able to be adjusted. SO I sent back and received another, then another. None of them ever got warmer (or colder) than 45 degrees and I have sent it back a final time. KEEP SHOPPING AROUND!
  5. 5 out of 5

    Love it! |

    I bought this unit for my friend for her birthday and then my husband surprised me with one for Christmas. LOVE IT! We keep it stocked with Pinot Noir at a perfect 55 degrees. We have not experienced any malfunction of the unit and our friends is working perfectly as well. The blue interior light (with on/off switch) is very sexy and gives it a sleek look. Contrary to the look in the picture, the casing is actually a silver tone-not white. The size is perfect, and it fits very nicely on our counter above our liquor cabinet. Super quiet too, you can barely hear it running when it cycles on. Best Christmas present ever! UPDATE - here we are 01/01/2013 and it's still going strong. LOVE IT! (and yes, our friend's cooler is running perfectly too). Ok, I should not have posted that update. 2 weeks later the thing crapped out. I had simply turned the interior light on (which I almost never do) and the next day I noticed the temperature was reading 65 degrees - nearly 10 degrees warmer than it should have been. The next day it was up to 70. Needless to say we just unplugged it - and have not tried starting it up again, but I am looking for replacements now... BOO!
  6. 4 out of 5

    Decent Quality & Performance, Especailly for the QPR... |
    Verified Purchase

    This is our 2nd Danby wine cooler; our original slightly smaller model is 9 yrs old and still runs like a top. This slightly larger capacity unit was installed in new floor standing cabinetry, (bar like), with some air space on both sides and top of unit. In the couple months post installation, it performs well, if not in the same league with more pricey dedicated thermoelectric wine coolers. -Pros: runs fairly quietly, and excellent QPR, even if it goes kaboom in a few years. Holds temp... -Cons: runs a bit too cold even at lowest 'barely on' setting. That running very cold kept it from 5 stars. -Nits: I could do without the always on blue ray lighting. Won't hold that '36 blt' number of any kind of wine bottle, but neither will the thousand dollar units from the wine outlets. The blt capacity is always overstated, in my experience. Will be interesting to see how this new unit holds up compared to our 9 yr old model, as many items 'today' are not made as well as they were a decade ago, imo. And, curious as to performance as this unit is slightly 'built in' our new cabinets, vs totally unenclosed on previous model. Worth a try though, as it looks good. My 50Cts... GL, Ol'UncleMotor
  7. 1 out of 5

    Should have believed the 1 star reviews |
    Verified Purchase

    Bought this unit From TheFactoryDepot via Amazon at the end of July 2010, and it worked until late April 2011 (warranty is good until April 2012). When it ceased working, I visited the Danby website to find a service depot. Located one nearby, dropped off the unit. After a week went by, I was told the compressor had failed, and was directed (by the depot) to contact the seller for return/replacement. Called TheFactoryDepot and was told I need to contact the manufacturer. Called Danby, and they are closed on a Friday in anticipation of a Canadaian holiday (Victoria Day) on Monday. At this point, I am not optimistic about the outcome. Will post an update when I reach the end of this quest. UPDATE, June 7, 2011: Was finally able to contact Danby's customer service department after many attempts and busy signals. Provided the information about my unit, and was told they would contact the service depot for specifics on the failure. Several emails and phone calls later, I was finally told that Danby was going to give me a refund and send me a check for the amount of purchase. That was one week ago... no check yet. Will post again when (if) I receive the refund. UPDATE, July 9, 2011: The check from Danby arrived today. Case closed.
  8. 5 out of 5

    Great little fridge. |
    Verified Purchase

    This fridge is great for the money. It works great. Had mine for several months with no issues. The last review is ridiculous. Can you hear it run? Yes of course. It is about half the volume of a computer fan. Unless your sitting next to it you can't hear it. Saying it's louder than a full sized fridge is exaggeration at it's best.
  9. 5 out of 5

    Danby 5.8 cu ft Kegerator |

    The Danby DKC5811BSL 5.8 cu ft kegerator is a very good unit for the price. Plus it is American made! That is not the case for the majority of inexpensive kegerators out there. That being said, since this is an inexpensive model there is good and bad. First let's go with the good: A 5lb aluminum CO2 tank, dual gage regulator showing tank pressure and beer line pressure, enough room to hold two 1/6 kegs without a problem, no problems holding temperature of the keg at 36 degrees, externally mounted CO2 tank to extend the refill time of your CO2, includes a good D type coupler to connect the keg, it looks good. Now for the bad: This is a cold plate refrigerator, so the temperature is constantly fluctuating and a circulation fan is needed (I used a 120mm computer fan with 4 screws to hold up off of bottom and an old 6v cell phone charger to power with the line run through the same hole as CO2 line), Some type of tower cooler is needed otherwise your first beer poured will be foam if sitting unused for a while (I used an old 3 inch computer fan I mounted to a box that I laid in the bottom of kegerator with hose going up into tower), beer line is only 5ft long...which is not a problem for most beers but light beers requiring higher pressures (greater than say 12psi) may cause foam because of speed of flow...a longer beer line would solve that, the pressure CO2 line comes with plastic clamps...need to replace with metal to ensure no CO2 leaks, the 17 inch ¼ or ½ oversized coors/miller kegs do not fit (kegerator is only 16¾ inches deep). Besides a couple of these small modifications needed it is a very good kegerator!
  10. 4 out of 5

    Affordable wine fridge |
    Verified Purchase

    I love it! It barely makes any noise, it looks nice and it keeps my wine at a consistent temperature. It was also very affordable. The cons: 36 bottles doesn't take into consideration the wideness of pinot noir. Therefore, I would say 30-36 is more accurate. However, I did manage to fit a magnum sideways in there ;-) The temperature is just a dial. The only way I know approximately what temperature it is, is because of a meet thermometer I put in there. I have the dial about as high as I can put it and it's about 48 degrees. Ideally wine should be stored between 45-65 degrees so it barely falls in place. Overall, it's great for the price though and would recommend it!