Ryonet DIY Print Shop Table Top Hinge…


DIY Hinges with Screws
Wood 16×20 Screen
10″ Squeegee
Green Galaxy Pitch Black Ink
Full Supply Kit

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Whether you are starting a small business or DIY screen printing for fun, the DIY Table Top Hinge T-Shirt Kit has the essential set of tools for graphic designers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, crafters, Etsy-ers and anyone looking to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary! The DIY Table Top Hinge T-Shirt Kit will bring all your awesome t-shirt ideas to life and can turn fun into profit. This Kit contains everything you need to make a statement: the everlasting DIY Print Shop table top screen and hinges will give you unconditional love through any DIY screen printing project; a 156 mesh screen; Pitch Black water based ink; and a squeegee engineered to smoothly push ink onto your T-shirt. Plus so much more! This screen mounts to any surface around your house or shop!


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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 4 out of 5

    Amazon has some misinformed description details... |
    Verified Purchase

    First I wanted to point out what is actually in the box as the DIY Hinge Kit Inventory Item List shows (which is packed at the very top of the box inside): 1 Instructional DVD 8 Parchment Papers 5 Premium Rite Films 8.5 x11 1 Manual 10 Cleanup Cards 1 16x20 Wood Screen with 156 mesh 4 Disposable Gloves 2 Sprayer Tops for the two bottles included in the kit 1 screen emulsion stripper bottle 1 screen degreaser bottle 1 2oz screen adhesive bottle 1 yellow safe light bulb 1 uv bulb 1 8oz WP black ink 1 scrub pad 1 11” plastic scoop coater 1 2” clear screen tape-low adhesive 2 hinges 8 screws 1 10” durometer squeegee 1 pint of WBP emulsion But I found some slight differences of what is actually in the box and they are the following: -We actually get 2 red scrubs instead which is nice! -What is misleading is that what I expected to receive was an 8oz bottle filled with emulsion stripper as well as another 8oz bottle filled with degreaser. However, you get 2oz of emulsion stripper in an 8oz bottle, meaning you have to fill the rest of the 6oz with water. Same goes with the degreaser except you get 4oz of product. -The squeegee is not the complete 10” but instead 9.75”, not sure if that matters to anyone but I measured. -The squeegee and emulsion coater look different than the ones pictured. The squeegee is not yellow nor does it say Your DIY Print Shop. It is a translucent orange brown instead with no logo on the wooden grip part. The coater is not a metal color with black ends but an all black plastic material instead. -Exposure bulb is fancier than the one pictured. The wooden screen does not have logo either. What I wish the kit would have but I can get on my own anyway: some screen filler and a small lamp to put the exposure light bulb in. Everything was packed snug and safe. I was worried for the bulbs but they arrived in perfect condition. Package was super glued shut, had difficulties opening it so I couldn’t keep the “limited edition” box. What I like about this kit is that the fluids included are Eco-Friendly. My final note, is that I am aware that many people are upset about not receiving a press. But if you go to the diyprintshop website, then they specifically state that the platen is NOT included. Amazon on the other hand has not made this clear. I also wanted to point out that there is a difference between a platen and an actual press. The blue base pictured is a platen, an actual press configuration looks completely different and you can buy one by this brand for $150 or simply consider buying an upgrade kit that includes one. This is why this kit is called the DIY Table Top “HINGE” Kit. Amazon is naming this kit the T-Shirt Kit and this is wrong also. The actual T-Shirt Kit costs double as much as this kit. I have not tried the kit yet, just took a look at everything that is included. I can tell some pros and cons already. For example, I prefer aluminum frames over wood for durability reasons. A pro would be easy set up. However, I think this is a nice overall starting kit.
  2. 4 out of 5

    Updated Review, once all items arrived, well worth it. |
    Verified Purchase

    I've been using the speedball stencil kit for a while and decided I was ready for something nicer but not ready to spend over $100. The kit I purchased was one from Amazon Outlet. It was factory sealed but the box had very slight damage. This picture is very misleading. The blue platform does not come with the kit. Several other reviews had mentioned this as well so I knew not to expect it. DVD: Very informative but you can see the same video on YouTube. The chemicals are all as described but it would be nice if they would clearly print that the the green and red bottles are concentrated. A giant "MUST ADD WATER" would be good to see on them. My kit was missing the hinges and the spray top for the chemicals so that's a manufacturer error. After contacting the company, they sent me a set of hinges. They seem of decent quality 4 stars. The other thing that really bothered me is the emulsion scoop is not the metal one shown here but instead a plastic one and both sides are rounded. I would give it 2-3 stars. The emulsion agent and lights worked well. The other chemicals appear to do their job adequately. 4 star quality. The screen is very high quality. It is much nicer than I anticipated. I would actually give the screen and squeegee 5 stars each. The squeegee is very nice. I like it a lot more than the speedball one I bought a while ago. I really like the paint. I also like the cards they gave to let you glob paint on the screen. They're very simple (like scraps of cardstock) but way better than my previous method of messing up butter knives. The paint prints well. I would give it a 5 star.
  3. 2 out of 5

    No t-shirt pallet |
    Verified Purchase

    The product description says that it comes with a 'perfectly sized t-shirt pallet' but it does not come with anything to attach the hinges too. Don't be fooled by the picture AND description like I was.
  4. 4 out of 5

    So much work |
    Verified Purchase

    Don't think you are saving money by doing it yourself. The time you will invest into learning and doing is expensive. Finish product was okay. The process is complex in every way. Making a few shirts for my small business was a fiasco. This video glazes over so much. The process is 98% prep. Also, don't discolor/burn the shirts like I did. (heat gun) That being said, the kit is great and complete. After the fact, I think I could do another run in no time. I learned so much but I don't plan on being a professional screenprinter.
  5. 5 out of 5

    A great kit for beginners looking to make a few T-Shirts |
    Verified Purchase

    A great kit for beginners looking to make a few T-Shirts... Comes with all the stuff you need, with the exception of a board to screw the screen into - we went to Home Depot and used some old scrap wood which has worked fine. The only advice I have is make sure you follow the directions to a T! (With the exception of using distilled water in the diazzo - I used tap water and it was fine.).
  6. 5 out of 5

    Love it |
    Verified Purchase

    Worth every single penny. There is a learning curve if you've never done screen printing before but they have a DVD that comes in the kit and also a YouTube that you can watch that shows you how to do everything. I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the very near future.
  7. 4 out of 5

    Incredible, printed 4 shirts already! |
    Verified Purchase

    Pros: Incredible, printed 4 shirts already! Great DVD tutorial included. Cons: Replacement hinges are $20 plus shipping O_o
  8. 1 out of 5

    Hinge kit. No table top |

    Should of read the reviews... The title and the pictures suggest that it comes with a tabletop to connect the hinges to. But nop. Its just hinges and if you dont have an extra table for them your cant use them. I do not have an extra table so it amounts to a waste of money in my case.
  9. 5 out of 5

    Love this little kit |
    Verified Purchase

    Love this little kit! It was easy to use and the instructional video is right on spot. I have since upgraded some of the kit, but still using most of it to do my own Ts. I definitely recommend this for beginners or anyone thinking about screenprinting their own items.
  10. 5 out of 5

    I think this kit is great! I have watched the instructional video that was ... |
    Verified Purchase

    I think this kit is great! I have watched the instructional video that was on the youtube channel and it was very detailed and helped in my decision to buy the print shop kit. The instruction manual has just the right amount of pictures and paragraphs to get you printing. The dvd is extremely helpful in the setup and steps to making a shirt as well as the youtube video I had found. I had one bottle leak unfortunately, I called amazon and they were very helpful and accommodating in handling the situation, nothing had been damaged in result of the small leak of the degreaser. Everything in the box was packed neatly and efficiently, came with everything described. I cant wait to try my first t shirt out with my DIY print shop kit!