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5 Sealed Burners
20,000 BTU Tri-Ring Burner
Precise Simmer Burner
6.7 cu. ft. Convection Double Oven
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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 4 out of 5

    Excellent range |
    Verified Purchase

    To give you a perspective of where I'm coming from, I previously had a 48", 8 burner, double oven Viking range. After moving, I only had room for a 30" range. Pros: -Looks good, This is a freestanding range, not a slide in, but it doesn't have a back piece that sticks up. I hate the way those look. You also have to reach over hot burners to get to the controls on most ranges that have the back piece. This is the only range with 2 ovens that is like this except for the Electrolux which is dual fuel and requires a 220 line. The top of the stove (under the burners) is stainless also. On most ranges it is black even if the front is stainless. -Huge amount of oven space for 30". It has more than my 48" Viking had. -Lower oven preheats to 350 in 8 minutes, which is pretty fast. -2 powerful burners. They are higher BTUs than the Viking burners. The left front power burner can also can go down very low- almost like a candle for anything very delicate. -Electronics. Most ranges have most of these, but the "professional" ranges like Viking do not. This includes timer, temperature probe cooking, delayed start, etc. -Lower oven has an electric element on the ceiling to produce more even heat than just the gas burner on the floor. Not sure how this affects usage costs (electric costs more than gas almost everywhere in US for ovens). It is not 220, so maybe the draw isn't than much. -Self cleaning. Yes, even cheap ranges are self cleaning now, but some professional are not. My Viking wasn't. -Ball bearing rack. It moves very smoothly. Cons: -There is only 1 ball bearing rack in the lower oven. The other 2 (1 in upper, 1 in lower) are standard racks. For this price of stove, it would have been nice for them all to be ball bearing. -The middle oval burner is not very powerful. It works fine with the included griddle for pancakes, etc., but you can't generate enough heat for many things. If I put my cast iron grill/griddle over it (after replacing the griddle with the grate included), it doesn't get hot enough to do a good sear. Griddle is non-stick and will wear out in time. I use the grate instead of the griddle. It looks better and gives you a place to move hot pots/pans. -The lower oven is low to the ground. If you use the upper rack, it is fine. If you use the lower, it is awkwardly low. I try and use the upper oven and middle lower oven racks mainly, so not a big issue. If you are old, have back problems, etc., take into account that the bottom of the lower oven is almost at the floor. -The upper oven can handle pizzas, casseroles, veggies, etc. You can't put anything more than probably 6 inches high. You can't roast a whole chicken. I think for most people, that is not a problem as you have the lower oven which is pretty big. Use the upper for sides, keeping food warm, etc. The broiler is in the upper oven also. -I wouldn't have minded another power burner. The 2 back burners are pretty low output. I guess 2 powerful burners is pretty good. Other notes: -The noise from the fan is nothing. Those that complained have super hearing or a defective stove. It is more quiet than my Bosch dishwasher. -If you like to bake bread, use the lower convection oven. Do your final rise of the dough in the upper oven which will be warm, but not hot from the preheating of the lower oven.
  2. 5 out of 5

    Great Stove! |

    I purchased this online on 28 Dec 2013 and it arrived on 23 Jan 2014. I ordered it shipped to the curb at no extra cost, and my husband and son unpacked it and carried it into the house. I had a local propane vendor come out and change out the orifices for $48.02 which included hooking the stove to the gas line. Not all of the orifices were correct, i.e., the instructions showed 4 orifices alone for the front right burner (3 black, 1 white) and what was shipped were 2 black and 2 white. I called GE and they're sending them via FedEx and should arrive within 1 week of receiving the stove. So until they arrive, I won't be using that burner. The installer had no problems following the attached directions for replacing the natural gas orifices with the propane orifices. He obviously has a lot of experience as it took him less than a minute per orifice on the burners. However, he did have a problem removing the bottoms of the ovens to get to those orifices. Thank Goodness I decided to pay someone to do it. It would have taken me HOURS! For the price, at least $1000 less than Home Depot or Sears, I'm quite pleased with my purchase. I can hear the convection fan when I bake in the lower oven, but it's not annoying. I can cook with four big pots (10-inch diameter) on the stove at once. However, I cannot cook with a 12-inch skillet and an 8-inch diameter pot on the same side at once. I've posted some customer photos of my stove showing that it does not go all the way back against the wall as my gas line prevents it from doing so. However, my last stove stuck out a little and I never noticed. I'll get used to this one soon. I almost purchased the Profile model of this stove; however, the Profile is 39-inches tall. My counter height is 25.75 inches and I didn't wan't my stove to sit about 3 inches above the counters. The Cafe version stands at most 26 inches with the legs fully extended. It's just a tiny bit too low and so my husband cut two boards upon which the stove sits. It's now at the perfect height, i.e, about 1/2 inch above the counter tops. I can see a little bit of the boards under the feet, but I'm just going to paint them the color of my tile and ignore them. My focus is having a very nice stove upon which to cook. I love to cook and having two ovens is a must when I cook for a large family. It's especially useful during family get-togethers.
  3. 2 out of 5

    Great looks but top oven is not reliable |

    The stove looks great and the cooktop delivers heat as promised. Be careful not to crowd the burners and the heat can singe adjacent countertop surfaces. Not having the back panel leaves more room for handles and overhanging pots which is why we went with a backless unit. One thing to note--there is a 2" gap required between the stove and the wall that can become a parking lot for food spills and stray utensils. Another thing to note--the burners do not distribute flame evenly on all burners. The lower left burner will cook unevenly. The reason why is easy to see -- the factory-made holes are unevenly spaced on the control ring. Make sure you have thick bottomed pots! Even with All Clad, it still cooks unevenly. Our biggest issue is exactly what Consumer Reports promised--the top oven does not cook evenly. For every pan of cookies, we lose 25% of them, generally in the upper left hand corner. In addition, the bottom gets very hot and will burn garlic bread on the bottom while the top is barely browned. This upper oven is controlled with a knob and not digitally and the indicator light is not very visible unless you are looking from a distance. We didn't hear about these issues until after we purchased it and, while we love the look and the features, having a nonfunctional upper oven defeats the whole purpose of our investment. Consumer Reports indicates that this is not an uncommon problem--we will be pursuing a return after owning it for less than a month. So sad as it meets so many other needs! GE should take more care in protecting its brand on its premium appliances. Why would I purchase any GE product if they can't get the fundamentals right on something at this price point? Very, very disappointing!
  4. 5 out of 5

    love it! |

    We have been fortunate with our range-sorry to read the previous reviewer's experience. Haven't noticed problems with excessive fan noise and find this is a pleasure to cook on. Not only does it look great in our kitchen, but we love the true simmer, power boil options. Find that upper oven is useful for rewarming/casseroles/pizza, but prefer to do the real work in the lower oven. We've had this for 7 months now and find this is a great improvement from our standard gas range we had before. I had read before purchasing that the stovetop is easily scratched and difficult to clean. Care is needed when cleaning and when removing/replacing cast iron grates, but I've not found it difficult at all to keep it looking good as new. So far, we are happy with our purchase.
  5. 5 out of 5

    Love it and it's beautiful! |

    Our oven broke and was not repairable the week before Easter. So I searched the Internet for a replacement. I ordered it unseen based on reviews I saw online. I am not sorry! I like the previous reviewer I love the simmer and the power boil. I don't find it noisy at all. The griddle is awesome too. And it is so easy to clean. Just a really great stove!
  6. 5 out of 5

    Fabulous stove - love it! |

    We've had this range for over 6 months now and absolutely love it. It replaced a 10 year old Thermador dual fuel convection range that was always somewhat of a disappointment. In contrast, this range has so far met our every expectation. The Power Boil / Simmer burners are great. We really appreciate the high BTUs as we have a lot of large cast iron pans. It boils water as fast as our electric tea kettle. The tri-ring burner provides a wide range of precise temperature control down to a very low simmer. Our only issue has been that it's so low we sometimes forget to turn it off. The convection oven is great and we've found the probe to be more useful that we expected. The oven pre-heats very fast. Turkey comes out perfectly done and moist. Chicken, Lamb and Pork roasts have been perfect as well. It's been just as good for baking providing a very even heat. The second oven is also great. Besides the advantage of being able to cook at two different temperatures, it a good size for baking large pizzas. It's tall enough for an angel food cake. The grill for the center burner has been a pleasant surprise. We thought it might be too small to be practical but it's proven surprisingly useful for grilled cheese, frying a couple of eggs, etc. We've found the stainless steel top easy to clean and have not had any heat discoloration. It can be easily scratched, however, and we got a few marks on it moving the grates. These scratches can accumulate over time if you aren't careful. We have not found the fan to be too loud as some of the other reviews have complained. While the noise isn't a problem, I will say that it heats up the back of the stove so you need to be careful what you leave there when you are baking. We do have a few quibbles that we would like for GE to improve. The timer function is very primitive for a digital timer. You have to key in the time in hrs:min. If you key in 90 minutes it gives an error message. My microwave knows how to handle that. It only shows the seconds during the last minute. I like that it beeps one minute before the timer is done. For a stove with two ovens, it would be nice if there was a dual timer function. The other addition I would like to see GE to make is to put an indicator light by each burner for when it is on. They have one for the top oven, which is necessary to tell when it is preheated. It would be nice if that feature was on every burner. Of course, you should be able to tell by the position of the knob and the flame but there are times when the flame is so low it is easily overlooked and the burner under the griddle isn't visible. We've caught ourselves leaving burners on accidentally. The knobs can get very hot if you are doing a lot of baking, almost too hot to touch. This is usually not a problem and only occurs with continuous use. The self cleaning function works well in both ovens. We were concerned that a gas self cleaning would not be as effective as all electric but that has not been the case. These are really minor nits and really nothing when compared to all the plusses of this range. We are definitely very pleased and would encourage anyone to buy it.
  7. 5 out of 5

    exactly as desribed |
    Verified Purchase

    Awesome gas range, quality construction, this gas range rocks. I'm still learning how to use the burners since they provide so much more heat then the gas range it replaces. Same for the ovens. I do most baking/broiling in the upper oven since it suits 90% of my needs and have only used the lower oven once in the convection mode. I thought all convection ovens were electric and that I would need 220V power installed. That wasn't clear in the description, but all I needed was the existing 110V and the gas line. This range is like a new car that I can't stop looking at every time I walk into the kitchen. I'm in the midst of a kitchen make-over with new cabinets, counters etc., and this range only adds to the clean, simple lines look that I want for the whole kitchen. But most important is the functionality and this range performs. Only had it for 6 weeks. The delivery was on-time and I slid the old range out and the new one in. The hookup and levelling (if needed) was dirt simple. See my comments for an update after a year.
  8. 5 out of 5

    Beautiful range, works flawlessly thus far!! |
    Verified Purchase

    I have had this burner for 1 month and I love it. I am not a big fan of GE appliance because i always thought they made inferior home appliance. Boy was i wrong with his range. The range looks beautiful in my kitchen and so far it works flawlessly. All the burners serves it purpose. I love the 20,000 BTU burner because is boiling or heats up pots super fast. I highly recommend this range for anyone who wants to beautify their kitchen looks. Great product and would highly recommend at this time.,
  9. 1 out of 5

    Don't buy this oven/stove if you are actually want to use it for cooking |

    My GE Cafe is 2 months old, and so far I am extremely disappointed. In addition to the noise from the cooling fan that will not allow us to sit and eat in the kitchen, the oven (both upper and lower) does not bake evenly! My cakes and other dishes always burn at the back. Same thing with the stove, burners are not distributing the gas evenly and it burns one side of the pan - I hate it. The GE technician's suggestion: turn the pan from time to time. REALLY?
  10. 5 out of 5

    HOMERUN! GE has hit the high water mark on this stove. |

    This stove replaces my GE glass top. I am using all LP gas. The gas company did the installation. So, let me start from the top - GE gives full use of the top of the stove - (Homerun). The control knobs will not get in the way of the cooking hardware. The burners can ramp up and the trivits are commercial. The design, fit and finish are excellent and functional (Homerun). The interior hardware with sliding mechanism is easy to use (I have double oven because my family is small and sometimes I do not need to run a large oven. The center burner is just great for the bacon and eggs or to grill burgers (Homerun). Aesthetically the GE Cafe is the fairess of them all - beautiful, robust design, a work of art in form and function (Homerun). I cook from scratch and the top can hold several pots, I love the height. The venting is in the rear and I have a small commercial fan with robust CFM to pull out cooking smell from the kitchen. I will update the performance as I do more cooking on this stove.