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Modern Compressor Refrigeration Technology for Efficient Ice Cube Making
Sleek Performance-Oriented Design, 2 Selectable Cube Sizes, Removable Tray for Easy Ice Transfer
Large See-Through Window Allows for Process Monitoring & Ice Level Checking
Easy-Push Touch Buttons w/Intuitive Icons for Digital Control
Alerts for Peace of Mind: Low Water Level & Maximum Ice Capacity Reached

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Making Ice is Easy With Ivation’s professional-grade automated icemaker, it takes just 6 minutes to make ice! That’s right: In less time than it takes to drive to the nearest store or gas station for a bag of ice, you can have a fresh batch of ice cubes made right in the comfort of your own home. It requires neither a glaciology degree nor Mount Everest or North Pole accolades. Simply pour a ‘drop into the bucket’, and press a button or two. Once the icemaker is done doing its thing, you’ll enjoy beautifully solid chillers that remain separated and don’t agglomerate. 26-pound output. 2 ice sizes You’re busy entertaining and can’t afford to serve drinks that are any less than perfect. That is precisely when our icemaker proves to be your ultimate hostess’ weapon – from holidays to bridal showers to graduation parties to birthdays to charity events. To keep up with all the glass clinking, it features 2 selectable ice cube sizes so you can satisfy everyone from the whiskey sipper to the juice junkie. At maximum output, it can produce as much as 26.5 pounds of ice in a single 24-hour cycle. Another superior feature is the water recycling system: Unused ice melts back into the water reservoir and is turned into fresh ice during the next ice-making session. Light-Up Alerts Inform You of Cold, Hard Facts When the water level in the 2.5-quart (80-Ounce) reservoir runs low, a red indicator alerts you to add more water. When the ice bucket is full, another indicator alerts you to remove them so more ice may be created. There’s even a flashing snowflake icon to keep you informed when an ice-making session is on standby. And for your peace of mind and safety, the unit shuts off automatically when the ice bucket is full. To make way for new ice, store ready cubes in cooler or freezer for later use.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    I never knew I needed one of these until I got one! |

    I live in an old plantation cottage with minimal plumbing so even though the refrigerator has an ice maker it's not hooked up to anything. The last time we had a hurricane I spent $100 dollars on ice to keep everything in the freezer and fridge cold after the power went out for two days. So when Ivation asked me if I'd be interested in receiving one of these to evaluate and review I said "Hell YES!" Ironically, it arrived two days before another hurricane so I plugged it in immediately and started cranking out ice. I was able to fill a medium-sized ice chest in two days (luckily the power didn't go out this time, but it's nice to be prepared.) My measure of how usable a product is rests entirely on whether I can use it out of the box without reading the manual - and this ice maker gets top scores on my usability scale. I opened the box, plugged it in, filled it with water, pushed a button that was pretty obviously the "go" button and then just sat back and watched it churn out ice. The ice comes out in hollow tubes which makes it lighter weight than regular ice while being just as effective at cooling in an ice chest. Because it's hollow, it's particularly good ice for blending in to smoothies - which I make every afternoon. This is a great machine for people who don't have an ice maker in their fridge. After you make the ice you can either remove it and turn the machine off or you can just leave it in and the ice maker will keep it cold until you need it. Either way it's a very "cool" thing (I couldn't help myself.) Ivation makes this one and a larger capacity one, which they also sent me, they both work exactly the same and produce the same quality ice at similar speeds. The other one just makes more of it and has about a 25% larger footprint. For two people who use a moderate amount of ice this one is perfect. The larger one might be better for a family.
  2. 5 out of 5

    Ice cubes on demand |

    0:000:00This video is not intended for all audiences. What date were you born?JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031201620152014201320122011201020092008200720062005200420032002200120001999199819971996199519941993199219911990198919881987198619851984198319821981198019791978197719761975197419731972197119701969196819671966196519641963196219611960195919581957195619551954195319521951195019491948194719461945194419431942194119401939193819371936193519341933193219311930192919281927192619251924192319221921192019191918191719161915191419131912191119101909190819071906190519041903190219011900SubmitAdobe Flash Player is required to watch this video.Install Flash PlayerThis ice maker is similar to the Ivation Portable High Capacity Household Ice Maker w/LCD Display, but it produces the same amount of ice. There are a few notable differences, however; compared to the other model, this one: * Is a little smaller and lighter weight. * Doesn't have an LCD display. * Produces two sizes of ice cubes instead of three. * Has a smaller water reservoir (2 quarts versus 3 quarts) * Has a smaller ice cube tray (1.5 pounds versus 2.2 pounds) The user controls are very simple to understand and operate. An indicator light shows when the ice cube tray is full, and another indicator shows when the water reservoir needs to be refilled. There are also two buttons that select the ice cube size - small or large. When you first turn on the machine and set the controls, the first ice cubes will drop into the ice cube tray in about 8-9 minutes. For the first few cycles, the ice cubes will be very small, but as the machine chills down, the ice cubes will be bigger. Also, the cycle time stabilized at around 8 minutes. The ice-making mechanisms of the two models are virtually identical, but it's easier to see what's going on in this model, and it's kind of fascinating to watch. Nine hollow metal tubes about 0.4" in diameter are immersed in a pool of water. Refrigerant is then pumped through the tubes while ice builds up around the tubes. After a few minutes, the unfrozen water is drained from the pool, the tubes are very briefly heated, and the ice cubes fall off and are scooped into the ice cube tray. The size of the ice cubes depends to a certain extent on the ambient temperature. I had the ice maker running in a room whose temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and the large-size cubes were about 1" long by 1" in diameter. The small-size ice cubes were about the same length but were slightly smaller in diameter. The ice cubes resemble thimbles with rounded ends. The icemaker is rated for producing 26.5 pounds of ice a day. That doesn't mean, however, that you can start it going, walk away for several hours, and return to find a bunch of ice cubes. The water reservoir holds 2 quarts, so that's the limiting factor. But it's a pretty nifty device to crank out 9 ice cubes every 8 minutes or so for as long as you keep the water reservoir filled and empty the ice cube tray periodically. When you remove the ice cubes, either use them immediately or store them in a freezer or cooler. Note that due to the way the ice cubes are created in a water bath, they'll be wet when they're first dumped into the tray. You can hear the icemaker when it's running, but it's pretty quiet, and I doubt if most people would hear it from an adjacent room. My wife and I were in another room about 15 feet away, and after a few minutes, we didn't notice it except when the ice cubes were dropping. When you need to drain the water, there's a drain hole underneath the front of the icemaker. Just push the front of the machine over the edge of a sink, then remove the drain cap. This is a really nice portable icemaker, especially considering its small size. I can definitely see it being used for a party, in an office, dorm room, or anywhere else where you need ice cubes, as long as electrical power is available. The ice maker has a power input of 100 watts. As noted above, Ivation has a similar model ice maker, the Ivation Portable High Capacity Household Ice Maker w/LCD Display. Although that machine is somewhat bigger and heavier and has a few more "bells and whistles," both ice makers produce about the same amount of ice. Although the smaller machine requires more frequent emptying of the ice tray and refilling the water reservoir, the bottom line is that both machines produce 9 ice cubes about every 8-9 minutes. The icemaker was provided to me for evaluation and review. I did not agree to post a review, but I stated that if I did review the product, it would be an honest, unbiased review.
  3. 5 out of 5

    Saves Money In the Long Run |

    If you are looking to invest in a great ice maker this is an excellent option. This portable ice maker is about the size of my breadmaker and sits easily on the end of my kitchen counter. You have to make sure the air outlet is 8-10 inches away from the nearest wall or object. This is easy to do if you place this on the end of a counter. What I like about this particular ice maker is that you can watch the entire process of ice making through a see-through window. What happens is the ice is made in a little tray. The water is put under the ice basket and is sucked up into the ice tray. The ice forms around metal and is then released into the ice basket with a little mechanical shovel. To fill up the ice basket it takes 77 minutes so one hour and seventeen minutes later you have three large glasses of ice. Once you empty the basket it will then continue to create ice for another fifty six minutes. So to make a gallon bag of ice takes 133 minutes and uses up a little less than two quarts of water. This is actually a lot faster than most freezers produce ice. I personally like the large sized ice but there is an option for smaller ice too. I noticed that the ice this initially makes tends to be smaller than the ice made a little later. So each time the water is colder and produces bigger ice cubes (well they really look like little hollow thimbles). Setup is easy once you've read the directions. You simply fill with water and push the start button. Then each batch of ice takes about seven minutes to make. You can use tap water, filtered water or bottled water. Whatever you prefer. The taste of the ice will change with each option. I made some ice with tap water and it tasted OK in a drink. What you don't want to do is use this to make ice ahead of time. If you put the slightly wet ice cubes in the freezer they do tend to freeze together. It is best to use this as a source of ice that you are going to use on a consistent basis like at a small party where ice is needed for an extended period of time. Remember you are going to get about three large glasses of ice per hour. You can however remove ice for smaller glasses at any time. The hinged lid opens easily and does not restrict taking ice out even if the ice maker is in operation. I would however recommend caution as this does have moving parts. You want to keep your hands only on the ice scoop and take ice directly out of the basket. So my only real caution would be that this ice maker should be kept away from children. It is not a toy! Even if it feels like it is. One thing the directions don't state is what to do with the leftover water in the ice tray once the low water indicator comes on. I simply tilted the entire ice maker so the water ran down into the water container. Then I drained out the water leftover by removing the plug while sitting the ice maker over the sink. It was pretty easy. If you were making ice for a party then you would have to refill the water quite a few times over a period of hours. You have to refill the water approximately every 133 minutes. The ice maker will stop once the basket is full. The minute you remove the ice it starts making it again. You could keep extra ice in an ice bucket. I found this ice maker great fun to use and I loved the shapes of the ice. I made myself some ice tea with the first batch of ice and it was great. I can see myself using this a lot in the summer although this ice maker is not for outside use. You should also keep it out of direct sunlight as that will cause the infared sensor to malfunction. Also this does make a little sound mostly like a fan running. It is fairly quiet. The loudest noise you will hear is when the ice drops and is put into the basket. ~The Rebecca Review I received one ice maker free for review. This review is my honest opinion.
  4. 1 out of 5

    Dead On Arrival |
    Verified Purchase

    After much research and reading positive reviews I ordered it. What a mistake. Followed the instructions exactly. Let it sit for 4 hours to stabilize the refrigerate. Added water expecting ice in about 10 minutes. It was quite loud, vibrated and hummed but produced no ice. Pulled the plug and let it sit another 30 minutes. Tried again waiting over an hour with the same results. This was a fast return. Just ordered the Magic Chef (mcim30sst) from Amazon. It costs a little more and is slightly bigger but it works. My brother in law has been using this for over two years with no problems. It has 4 lbs of ice storage which is quickly produced. Consider this as an option.
  5. 5 out of 5

    Sleek and silent Ice Maker |

    BUILD QUALITY: In the box you will find the Ice maker, ice scoop, and a user manual. The outer body is all plastic coated with silver colored paint which looks OK. I liked the overall shape and design. It looks good and has high quality power cord. The unit only works on US voltages of 110-120V, 60Hz rating and consumes around 100W while in operation.The control panel has LED indicator showing the status of the ice maker. The fan is located at the bottom right corner and is very silent while in operation. The water tank is big enough to store around 2 Qtrs of water. There are 2 modes of ice making including the small cubes and large cubes. They aren't exactly shaped like a cube, but more of a cylinder with half depth hole in the center. PERFORMANCE: It took around 7 minutes to produce small cubes and around 12 minutes to produce large ones, but the first set of cubes are not yet completely the full size. You generally get them in second stage due to initial internal temperature. Each stage produces 9 cubes of ice. It has a robotic mechanism which lifts and pushes the finished ice cubes to the ice tray. It automatically pauses when the tray becomes full and resumes automatically when someone takes a ice. There is drain hole at the bottom which is used to drain off excess water or water leftover after use. Control panel has Water level indicator and Ice box full indicator. Check the several photos which I have uploaded for your reference. I was supplied with a sample unit for providing a honest review.
  6. 3 out of 5

    Update from 5 stars! Customer Service does not exist! |
    Verified Purchase

    Update: 7/2015. Let me start off by saying I loved this ice machine the first 7 weeks. Then it was downhill from there. It first started making a strange sound, so I start trouble shooting and no luck after two days ( letting it settle for a full day ) then emailed the company asking if there was any trick I was missing, no response. After another three days, I contact Amazon and the representative left them an e mail and copied me. He said they are an amazon " something" company and should be contacting me the next business day and gives me Ivation's telephone number. I have called three times and always get a voice mail and no return call after another week. It's now past the date for a return from Amazon and I am fed up with no call or no email back! Terrible customer service! With nothing to loose, I end up getting my handy friend to look at it. He has it running, but it makes a loud terrible noise.
  7. 1 out of 5

    Does not make enough ice to fill 1 16 oz ... |

    Does not make enough ice to fill 1 16 oz glass before you have to wait till it makes more
  8. 1 out of 5

    What a waste of money |
    Verified Purchase

    Bought in Nov to replace the ice maker we owned that seemed to be going out. Did not put in service until February this year. Today it is now making a loud squalling noise. What a waste of money.
  9. 1 out of 5

    I like the ice cubes |
    Verified Purchase

    I like the ice cubes, however the unit smells very strongly of plastic. We tried twice to run a bleach solution through it as well as lemon juice. That helped a little bit but eventually the plastic smell came back. It ends up in your ice cubes and makes your drinks taste bad. I wouldn't buy it again for this reason. We've had other units which didn't have this problem.
  10. 1 out of 5

    Nope, this is NOT the one. . . |
    Verified Purchase

    Nope, don't waste your money. I'm so disappointed in this product, and I had high hopes. While its fairly quick with ice production.. . the ice melts faster than you can get it out and into a regular freezer. We bought this because the ice maker on our fridge broke. You can hear the ice drop, and literally run to the machine to get it out. . .its already melting. Such a waste of money. Look elsewhere, this product is not your solution and certainly not a product you can expect to use out and about expecting to keep the ice cold.