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Infrared Grill
True Convection
Easy Access Upper Oven
2 Standard Racks, 1 Offset Rack
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The LG LDE3037ST 30 In. Freestanding Electric Double Oven with Infrared Grill Broiler, in stainless steel, not only gives you two impressive, completely separate ovens to cook in, but also features an infrared grill broiler that gives you the ability to grill foods year round, so you can have the taste of summer even in the dead of winter. The two ovens have capacities of 2.3 cu. ft. and 4.4 cu. ft. – easily enough to hold dishes meant for large family dinners or holiday meals. This combined with 5, easy-to-clean radiant cooktops, gives you the options to cook pretty much any meal you can come up with. Other helpful features include the WideView window (perfect for checking on cooking foods without opening the oven doors), the GoCook oven light, and 12 hour automatic shutoff.


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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 5 out of 5

    Worth every penny! |

    Want to be clear that this review is for the OVEN and the company I bought it from, however ASK WHO will be delivering it. If it's A&M Trucking ("AJ Madison") in the San Francisco/San Jose bay area, READ MY WARNING BELOW. I am a baker. I'm a stay-at-home-dad and because I like to eat yummy stuff I've had to learn to bake great treats (cooking - not so fun for me; I'm terrible at tracking more than one item at a time; timing). I bought this primarily for the baking functionality - the double oven, the digital panel, and the ability to both set "Cook time" and "Delay start" times. If I could I'd have an oven I could use an app on my phone to activate & control, but that doesn't exist (yet, though I do know for a fact it's being tested). This range is amazing. Just this morning I was standing over it with my coffee in hand wonder what the heck I was ever going to use the warming zone for? I have two kids who are yanking on my clothes anytime I'm preparing food - there's never a need for me to keep food warm, it's one the plates the moment it's done. Suddenly I had to step outside for a moment and without much thought I turned the warming zone on "Hi" and placed my ceramic mug down on it. When I came back (nearly an hour and 1/2 later... got side tracked) my coffee was nice and hot. Not "burn the roof of your mouth or tongue" hot, but pleasantly hot where you can take a nice sip or small gulp and tolerate the heat. It was awesome. I had this experience after having the oven for nearly a month already! I was already in love with this oven/range. Like most of my purchases, the wife thought I was insane wanting to spend $1200+ on a range, when we rent an apartment! However it's been very very much worth it. This oven will go anywhere we do - and it's not typical to own your own appliances in the SF bay area when you're a renter. Worth EVERY PENNY. (FYI - I recommend you get the SquareTrade warranty that comes up as an option upon checkout/cart adding. On-site service for 4 years? Amazing!) Now, for the shippers. A&M Trucking ("AJ Madison") tried to extort money (cash) out of me upon delivery. I bought from HCcost here on Amazon and THOROUGHLY reviewed all shipping polices and charges PRIOR to purchasing. Knowing we live in an upstairs apartment I scrutinized the HCcost's shipping policies for ANYTHING to do with additional charges for stairs. Nothing. The email they sent me acknowledging my order and delivery status even read, "When your appliance is delivered it will be brought into your room of choice and all packing materials will be collected and removed, if you choose." When A&M pulled up they informed me there was a charge for stairs. Being no dummy I happily said, "okay, just let me know how much I owe." They pulled the oven off the truck and opened it up so I could inspect - they informed me this was so they didn't carry it all the way up to my place only to have me discover a defect. They then carried the oven up and placed it in my kitchen. After removing a little more packing material from it they took it upon themselves to proclaim they don't normally remove the packing materials but they could for a fee. I explained the policies from where I bought the oven said all packing materials would be removed but said if I needed to return the oven for any reason it might be advisable to keep them just in case. I told them to just leave them downstairs (where they removed 98% of it) and I'd put it in the recycle bin/trash. Then when I walked downstairs with them they said I owed for 47 stairs. They said the first two "flights" were free. I asked what constituted a "flight" and they said 7 stairs is a flight. (Most places recognize 16-18 steps in a flight). I had counted the steps on my way up, 35. Big difference. I told them I had no cash, which they insisted on. I offered to pay by credit card, but they said, "cash only." This seemed VERY fishy. I told them I never carry cash (I don't, I'm all plastic, all the time). They actually said to me, "Well I wish you would have told us that before we started because we would have never carried the appliance up then." I told them to have their company bill me for anything they believed I owed, as I didn't not contract them for delivery, I simply purchased it from a company who contracted them. 20 minutes later I got a call from someone claiming to be from A&M trucking asking for my credit card number. If the company had any authorization to charge me for anything additional they would already have this information so I told the man I would happily pay anything they felt I owed AFTER I inquired with the company I bought the appliance from. The man got very belligerent all of a sudden. He told me I owed for 47 stairs. I told him they guys who delivered said I got the first two flights free AND that there were only 35 stairs. He told me there 47. I offered to video myself walking up the steps and counting them and to put it on YouTube for him so he could verify. He cursed at me and hung up. After emailing HCcost the details of my problems with A&M Trucking the apologized and confirmed there was not supposed to be any additional shipping or delivery charges.
  2. 5 out of 5

    excellent range |
    Verified Purchase

    This range is a compliment to any kitchen. Being able to cook two thing with different temperatures is a real pleasure. The only thing I am so happy with is the stovetop. I have had ceramic stovetops before and they cleaned up much better. This requires more cleaning but overall it is great.
  3. 5 out of 5

    Great look and functionality |
    Verified Purchase

    Was worried about buying this oven after reading some negative reviews about it. Guess like cars some are lemons, but luckily ours was not. Temperatures seem to be exact. Installation was a breeze and delivery was extremely quick and very professional. Glad we decided on this LG product. With the savings we were able to buy a LG over the range microwave too and still came out less than the big home centers for just the oven. Oven looks very nice and works just as well.
  4. 5 out of 5

    Greatest ever |

    We recently remodeled our 1976 kitchen to this century and it was obvious that the old 1980's stove had to go it worked but looked like crud and was going to detract from the remodel, we had upgraded the refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher in the past and by buying this LG we now have 3 stainless steel appliances that match. one reviewer said it makes clicking noises , that was bothersome to read but now that we have this stove and I hear the clicking sound I am relived that this sound is the relays that regulate the stove top heating element temp. It's not annoying to me at all. The other sounds in our house drown out the clicks (the clicks are not loud ) speaking of sounds this stove has all types of melody type sounds for settings. this has worked out very well for us we are very happy with this stove.
  5. 5 out of 5

    LG LDE3037ST is a first rate kitchen "must have" |
    Verified Purchase

    We researched various replacements for the very disappointing Maytag Gemini. The LG LDE3037ST was the best fit for our needs, so we found the best price and service and ordered. The range was delivered ahead of the original delivery schedule in perfect condition. Everything performed as advertised. Cook top temperature control is flawless as is both ovens. The top "pizza" oven is very fast to preheat. The bottom oven with convection setting cooks faster and at a lower temperature than we expected it to. The bright blue oven coating is super easy to clean. Thanks to the all digital controls it is very to use with very predictable results.
  6. 5 out of 5

    My wife thanks me everyday for this new oven!!! |
    Verified Purchase

    My wife loves to cook and our low-end range was inefficient and only had one oven. We began looking for a replacement double oven and discovered this LG had good reviews. I am very diligent about performing research on every product I purchase and I was thoroughly pleased with the features and reviews. Although we have only had this for a few days, she loves her "high-tech" toy. The double oven was the main selling point with the convection feature a close second. The expandable cook top elements are fantastic and fit even our largest pans. The oven preheats very fast and even plays a fancy little tune when preheated. Although we haven't cleaned the oven yet, the EasyClean feature looks very helpful. A cleaning kit is also included that contains the spray bottle, scraper, and sponge. I highly recommend this range!
  7. 1 out of 5


    It looks beautiful and the double oven works well but this range has some serious shortcomings; if I had known then what I know now, we would have bought something else. If LG would give me our money back, I'd gladly take them up on it. They refused to print my review on their site so I'm posting it here. First, there is very little space at the bottom rear of the range for the stored heavy 220 volt electric cord; I had to move our outlet under the floor to get this range to slide all the way back against the wall. Second, I hate the touch-type electronic "on-off-adjusting" feature for the "burners"; it takes much longer to go from 10 to 4, for example, than twisting or turning a knob. I think there are too many small "burners" and not enough medium sized; the left front, for example is either "small," "large," or both, the rear two burners are very small, and the right front is the only "medium/large." It also seems to take longer for the burners to get "hot" than our old range, and the top surface is much harder to clean than our old range. Then, there is a major fault with the ovens: each door has an opening that the "latch" fits into when you close the door. In the first week that we owned this range, something spilled while taking it out of the oven and got into this opening; it then ran down the inside of the two glass "windows" when we closed the door and looks like hell now. There should be a seal inside the door to prevent this from happening. (We called LG and they refuse to admit the design flaw and say we would have to pay to have that taken apart and cleaned.) We paid a lot of money for this range and it is definitely a big disappointment.
  8. 5 out of 5

    Love our new oven! |
    Verified Purchase

    Saved money by purchasing this on Amazon with free shipping. Delivery was simple (they call to schedule delivery and again before they arrive). Make sure you utilize your opportunity to inspect the product before accepting it (our was fine with no damage, but if it had been damaged I would have refused delivery). Installation is easy: connect a power cable and install the anti-tip bracket. It's been working great so far. The electric cooktop heats incredibly quick. Once the oven has completed preheating, the oven light flashes a couple times every minute until you acknowledge it (so you don't forget). The cooktop is easy to clean using the included supplies. I'm not sure whether "EasyClean" really makes it any easier to clean than other ovens. But I am still happy with our purchase and would recommend the LG brand of ranges.
  9. 5 out of 5

    Love this stove |
    Verified Purchase

    Love this stove! Digital controls are easy to use and provide a more precise way to set burner temp. Double oven is super convenient- I especially like the smaller top oven which works for empty nesters like us. Large bottom oven provides plenty of room for Thanksgiving turkey, even the big ones we roast.
  10. 5 out of 5

    Looks nice, works well |
    Verified Purchase

    Really like it, so far. Double oven is neat. We have a large household, now we can cook two different items at once and different temps! I'm not so sure I'm still a fan of glass cooktops, but didn't want to pay to have gas run to the stove. Black is a little harder to keep clean, stainless shows fingerprints (16 month old uses the oven door glass as a mirror and kisses herself!) but all in all it works great. I want to dig around more in the menus and see if I can change the preheat chime to something besides the ridiculous song it plays (same with timers), or at least turn it down more. I prefer just a beep or two, unless I can tell it what song to play.....now THERE'S an idea.....shouldn't this oven be sending me an alert on my phone when dinner's ready? Oh, well, it works and we use it a lot.