Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set

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Mix and match these detailed, wooden stamps to build words
Sets include two to six color stamp pads and conveniently store in a wooden box
Washable, non-toxic inks
A great value!
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Product Description The Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set by Melissa & Doug helps teach capital and lowercase letter recognition and basic colors, and encourages beginning spelling and fine motor skills. Mix and match these detailed, wooden stamps to create hundreds of beautiful scenes and more! Sets include two to six color stamp pads and conveniently store in a wooden box. Washable, non-toxic inks! Ages 4+ This Kit Includes * Deluxe Alphabet Friendship Stamp Set * Deluxe Stamp Set * Melissa and Doug Animal Stamp Set From the Manufacturer Mix and match these detailed, wooden stamps to create hundreds of beautiful scenes and more! Sets include two to six color stamp pads and conveniently store in a wooden box. Washable, non-toxic inks! Ages 4+


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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 3 out of 5

    Good concept, some parts executed poorly. Expected better from M&D |
    Verified Purchase

    I purchased the M &D stamp set for my 4 yr old. We homeschool and as he is beginning his reading skills I new this would help us do some activities together as he starts learning to put letters together to form words. The positives: the stamps seem high quality. Large enough for a small child to grasp and use properly, but small enough for adult crafts too. -wood construction -wood packaging (but see the negative side of this too) -extra punctuation stamps Negatives: -the wood package is nice, but there's no lid for storage? M & D stuff used to come with a sliding piece of plastic to serve as the lid for the wood boxes. I've been seeing a distinct lack in forethought as to how to store these stamps. Without a lid, they can't be turned upside down or sideways for storage, and then I'm left with a wood box if I use something else for storage. -As the product is packaged, it is very difficult to get each stamp out, even for me, no way my 4 yo could do it. They all fit so tightly I had to use something to pry one out, then remove one row of each side in order to set it up so my son could get ones out. What this needs is a different storage container that each stamp is held up so you can see the letters to choose from. -the ink pad. The pad that came with this product was nearly completely dried out. My son was very frustrated because he could barely see the letters, no matter how hard he pressed down to get ink. I had to add drops of water to it just so he could use it.
  2. 5 out of 5

    Quality stamps with educational value |

    The stamps are good quality, easy to hold and comes in a sturdy storage box (no lid). The stamped letters are clear and the font is easy to read. Toddlers enjoy stamping, pre-schoolers enjoy creating letters and words and the older kids cards, etc. Kids can also trace stamped letters adding to its educational value. The only drawback is it can be difficult to get the stamps out of the box so it really challenges those fine motor skills.
  3. 5 out of 5

    Good Quality and Entertaining |

    I got this for my neice's 4th birthday. She loves it and her mom can't believe the quality of the stamps and an extra bonus of washable ink.
  4. 4 out of 5

    one complaint |

    This toy is fun and great for teaching literacy. My son uses it to make thank your cards, birthday cards and such. The problem with it is that the stamps are incredibly difficult to get out of the container. I have to use a fork. It's very irritating.
  5. 5 out of 5

    Great Customer Service |
    Verified Purchase

    When I received this product, the capital letter L was attached upside down. I called the phone number on the back of the package, and immediately a real person answered. She took my product info and even asked me some personal questions, like who the stamps were for. Within days, a new capital letter L arrived in the mail addressed to my 4 year old daughter. (She LOVED getting something in the mail!) I was VERY impressed with Melissa and Doug and how they handled the mistake. Other things I love: 1. that there are separate stamps for d, p, b, and q - n and u, etc. Many stamp sets will give you just one stamp for letters that look the same upside down. 2. it comes with basic punctuation Great product! My daughter uses the stamps weekly for different projects and homeschool activities.
  6. 5 out of 5

    Improved on the box |
    Verified Purchase

    I can see from the picture why people said they had problems with the box and getting the stamps out! I got my stamps today and they improved the box. You can shake the box back and forth and see the stamps move around! Very easy to get out now, still no lid!!!! Im very happy and cant wait to use them in my class!!!
  7. 5 out of 5

    Super stamps- well made- great gift for anyone. |
    Verified Purchase

    Stamps are spendy. And getting upper/lower wooden stamps for at this price is a steal. My original thought was for my grandson- to learn to stamp his name. At his age writing is too difficult although he recognizes his letters and knows how to spell his name verbally. We had a BLAST stamping tonight. He recognized letters- "W- is for Wyatt!"- his friend at daycare/pre-school. At 2 ½ picking up the stamps and using the pad is easy for him. I can see that this will grow with him- and me- for years. Melissa and Doug have a terrific reputation with wooden toys and these stamps are better than stamps I have, and paid 4 times more for! This was an impulse buy... and it was a good one! I put ALL the stamps and pad into a plastic gallon size bag because it would be impossible- or better yet- I do not want to- put these stamps away in this wooden holder (: REALLY good gift.
  8. 5 out of 5

    stamping |
    Verified Purchase

    These stamps are nice but smaller than I thought they would be. I put them in a different container because they are too hard to get in and out of this box.
  9. 5 out of 5

    works great! |

    I sent this to my niece, in another town. I don't know anything about the toy itself. However, I did receive back a thank you note, stamped by her, using these stamps. The stamps work very well and the ink is bright. The letters are not spotty, they are full imprints. I recommend it.
  10. 3 out of 5

    It stamps okay but there are two major design flaws ... |
    Verified Purchase

    It stamps okay but there are two major design flaws. #1 - it is VERY difficult to get a stamp out when they are all in the box. You need to have very long fingernails, which is hard to pull off as a 40 year old dude, or have your kid get it out. If there was some sort of divider grid they could insert it would make it sooooo much easier. #2 there is no lid - what were they thinking - include a blood lid guys!