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  1. 4 out of 5

    Dont break your head or the packaging, it comes apart easily |

    For those who are having trouble opening it, I have posted a couple of pictures. You don't need to break the box. It comes apart in two halves. You just need to pull on the *handle* and coax the two *notches* on the sides to release. It's very sensible packaging for a dozen tubes of superglue in my opinion. Easy to apply and works fine.
  2. 4 out of 5

    It's actually a very nice design because it is its own safe storage container |

    I made sure that I purchased this because it was so obvious to me from so many of the reviews and responses on this listing, that most people purchasing this are not necessarily the brightest bunch. So many people having difficulty getting to the glue. This must be a manufacturing blunder. It's a clamshell package people! I litterally purchased this JUST to open the package! Sure, I may need some glue in the future... but right now, it's all about finding out what all the fuss is about. Cut through the middle of the label and pull it apart! Whalah! It's as simple as that! It's actually a very nice design because it is its own safe storage container. The plastic is thick because it's reusable and they don't want you accidentally spilling the glue or crushing the case. You need to give it a little bit of force to pop apart but it does open fairly easy. If it was any easier to open, kids could get inside and glue their lips together. I don't normally feel like I need to insult other reviewers but seriously... you can't open the package so you leave a bad review or go on Amazon and ask a question about how to open?? One reviewer even broke an expensive antique and made a mess trying to glue it back together and even glued their fingers together... is this a product fault!?? No! It's user error. I guess I shouldn't expect too much from a majority who has a need to glue things back together... but come on... it's common sense. Another reviewer left a bad review stating that the glue tubes themselves were difficult to get into, stating that the cap (which is normally used to puncture a new tube), is smaller than the openeing on the tube... therefore making the tubes useless since they can't puncture the new seal. Seariously?? All you need to do is unscrew the cap, remove the red ring/washer which is obviously loose and no longer needed, and then tighten the cap back on which punctures the seal. I'm no rocket scientist, but I used very basic mechanical logic to figure these things out... and although I didn't read the instructions on the main container, I am almost certain that it explains this on there as well (edit: it actually DOES explain in the first line in the instructions how to puncture the tube). It's actually a very smart packaging system all the way around. Whatever though. Just wanted to show future buyers that the package is intentionally designed with stronger plastic and is meant to be pulled apart in two pieces... not ripped apart with a box knife. Great deal on the glue, I'm sure it will come handy when I need to glue my fingers together.
  3. 4 out of 5

    good on plastic, not on wood or ceramic |

    I was using mostly krazy glue, but that one is pretty mucha single use tube, so once I saw this one available, with resealable tubes, I bought it immediately. I am not sure why they make it so, but box )where tubes are stored) is really difficult to open. even after you cut the stickers all around, and even when you want to open it second time, this is not an enjoyable task. I am not sure why better design could not be employed. This one sealed plastic really well - after several seconds, I could the pieces go and they stay there. I usually leave them untouched for several hours before using it. Could not bond ceramic - I applied it and pressed the pieces together and hold them for more than a minute, and there was not even a hint of two pieces sticking together. After several attempts, I just cleaned the surfaces from the wet superglue, and applied krazy glue (single-used tube). Pieces were glued in several seconds, and I was able to let them go and leave it for several hours to complete the work. I was not able to glue wood pieces together either with superglue. I would imagine that if you can have the pieces arrange together for a long time, super glue will probably seal it eventually, but that is not always possible.
  4. 4 out of 5

    FABULOUS Product!! |

    There are two things in this world that should come in size petite and Super Glue is one of them! (The other is Great Stuff, that expandable foam that you can only use once!!) These are FABULOUS. Great for any one job and on the next job you don't find yourself having to clip the tip to get the glue to come out the second time. I absolutely cannot rave about this enough. Perfect size to use for a project and toss without feeling guilty.Can start the next project without the frustration of trying to get the glue to come out. Woo Hoo for super glue packs!!
  5. 4 out of 5

    Does NOT dry in 15 seconds. |

    Severely dissapointed in this glue. Instructions say to hold material together for 15 seconds, yet everytime I spend several minutes holding my material together only to find out the glue hasn't dried and nothing sticks together. This occurs everytime I use the glue no matter what surface or material I am glueing. Maybe I just got a bad batch or something but this is incredibly frustrating and is a deal breaker for me.
  6. 4 out of 5

    WARNING Arthritis Customers (especially) |

    Warning to Customers with Arthritis: The container these tubes are in is extremely difficult to open, and even once opened, the amount of pressure and maneuvering necessary to disengage the sections is unusually challenging. Also, because these tubes are designed as the original product, the differences are noticeable and if you are used to using any later versions (new, improved, etc.) there's a good chance that opening your first tube will be confusing. These tubes do not have a pointed part within the cap to pierce the foil seal. I could not find anything pointed, so resorted to a nearby knife point (which made a mess). Later, I learned that even though there was not a point inside the cap, there was an "o" shape ring in its place that DID pierce the foil while screwing the cap on. This original version, while applying, is very thin and runny and difficult to control, manage, and keep from dripping excessively. Drying takes much longer than expected. Finally, once I was done I found out that the product had done a better job of sealing skin on my fingertips than it had on its originally intended target! I would not recommend this product to anyone, especially arthritis sufferer, and will be returning this purchase for a more modern version. The savings is simply not worth the inconveniences experienced.
  7. 4 out of 5

    One Star |

    arrived with glue inside, dried, stuck together.
  8. 4 out of 5

    Perfect sized super glue so each one is essentially one ... |

    Perfect sized super glue so each one is essentially one use and in the garbage, as opposed to bigger containers/mechanisms that dry out after the first use anyway.
  9. 4 out of 5

    Glue is fine. |

    The package is hard plastic witch makes it a little harder to open, but the glue itself is fine.
  10. 4 out of 5

    Five Stars |

    Nice to have many un-opened ones, prior to absolutely needing one.
  11. 4 out of 5

    Great cyanoacrylate glue packaged to keep it fresh. |

    I am overdue for writing a positive review for the Super Glue multi pack. I store the unopened tubes in the refrigerator, and store the open bottle upright in an old pill bottle...
  12. 4 out of 5

    Five Stars |

    Excellent value
  13. 4 out of 5

    Excellent hold |

    Very good price and love the individual packaging as I don't use super glue very often, and brands in the past have dried out prior to a second use.
  14. 4 out of 5

    Five Stars |

    great buy
  15. 4 out of 5

    Great packaging idea |

    Great packaging idea. One pack is usually all one needs for most projects, and normally the rest of larger container just dries out. Now, shelf life is much longer.
  16. 4 out of 5

    Five Stars |

    It sticks :)