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RioRand 2 pcs Set Waterproof Aluminum High Power 6W 6000K Xenon White Slim COB LED DRL Daylight Driving Daytime Running Light Lamp For Car SUV Sedan Coupe Vehicle
Package includes: 2 pieces of COB LED daytime running light, Emit Super bright xenon white light, high intensity
Enhance lighting in rainy and foggy days & brings more safety
Low power consumption and vibration resistant
Easy installation, easily stick on with self-adhesive tape
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Condition: RioRand® Brand new COB LED lights Package includes: 2 pieces of COB LED daytime running light Size(Approx.): Total L 6 3/4″ x W 5/8″ (17cm x 1.5cm) Color: 6000K Xenon white Working Voltage: DC 12V Wattage: 6w x2 Number of LED: COB SMD x2 Cable length: 30″ (75cm) Material: Heavy duty Aluminum body. Features: High power COB SMD LED light bulb, slim design. Emit Super bright xenon white light, high intensity. Enhance lighting in rainy and foggy days brings more safety. Low power consumption and vibration resistant. With 50000 working hours life expectancy. Easy installation, easily stick on with self-adhesive tape. Fitment: Universal fit any vehicle car van truck with 12V power. * Not D.O.T. approved, for off road use only. Note: Professionals install is strongly recommended to avoid trouble caused by inexperienced installer!


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  1. 4 out of 5

    Very happy with them |
    Verified Purchase

    Search "High Power COB LED Lights - Unboxing & Review" or "COB LED Test On My 91 Nissan Pathfinder" on you tube to see my video review. I'll show you how bright they are. Ok so first off let me say that I'm grading these on a curve. You can't buy some LED lights for your car for the price these are being sold as and expect to much. With that being said I'm really impressed with them and I'm happy with my buy. These do not project the light like an LED with a lens or a reflector but they are very bright. I ordered two pairs for a custom roof rack I'm building for my truck these will be used on the back for backup lights. They are absolutely bright enough for that. With 4 of them it's way brighter than any pair of DOT back up lights I've ever seen. That was the goal. I wanted these to light up dark trails while I'm for wheeling so when I need to back up I can see trees and other things within the darkness of the woods. They are as simple as anyone could expect to install with the double sided tape. Because of the low amperage draw you can easily wire them into your existing lighting with out any issues of blowing fuses. The down side is the wire gauge. The actual metal core in the wire is like thread it's so small. This means if you mount this anywhere where the wire will be moving back and forth that if could fatigue and fail on you. I know it doesn't need a larger wire for the amperage draw these have but from a wiring and handling perspective a heavier gauge wire would be awesome. The build quality is what it is. It's two wires going into an LED strip that is completely seal in some sort of rubber or silicone type material. Then the metal frame of most likely glued around it. Again what do you expect for the price. The yellow LED is what I know many of you wonder about. We wanted a white light and don't want to see this yellow thing. I get it lol. First off the yellow doesn't see as bright in person. It seems a little more pale but that could also be my computer monitor settings. Also we're talking about a yellow strip that is 5/16" tall by 6.6" wide. It's not that big but it is notice able. It bothers me about as much as the amber lens on my tail lights bother me. However we all have our own perspective on that. If you get creative you can place these into a custom housing that has a frosted lens. It will defuse the light a little but they are so bright you'll still get plenty of light out of them. If you use these as a dome light be ready to see everything very well in your car or truck. Once I put my role cage in my truck these may in fact be my new dome lights too. I really do like that and they could be used for so many different things. I may buy another set just so I can try and take them apart and see what else I can use them for. The only reason they don't get a 5 star rating from me is because of the wire gauge. I've never really liked LEDs that have such a small wire gauge. That's just a personal preference though. Don't be scared to buy them. If you want some bright low cost LEDs these are for you. Oh one last thing. You can power these with 120v power supply that converts to 12v. I tested mine with one that has an output of 12v @2.5amps and it worked fine. That means you could use these indoors to light up work benches or really anything you want. You just need to get a 12v power supply (get something 2nd had) and a switch. You can never have to many amps so don't worry about that. Each of these has a .5 amp draw so just make sure you have enough amps to power however many of these you want to power. Again if you have more amps that's not a problem. **Note** In the specs these are rated at 6 watts x2 on a 12 volt system. This is not correct information for a 12 volt system. It's not the seller's fault though. It's more than likely a translation issue with the manufacturing facility in China. Even the packaging says 6 watts x 2. I've tested these myself and that's how I know this is not correct information. In China they typically do this testing at 24 Volts not 12 volts. So with that being said these must have a pretty broad voltage range so that they can run off 12 and 24 volt systems safely. The true 12 volt specs of these lights are 3 watt per light at 12 volts drawing .25 amps of current. That would explain the paper thin wire used. In other words these are crazy bright for the amount of power they are using. You should be able to connect them to any existing circuit in your car without any worries of blowing a fuse. The pair will only bump up the current flow .5 amps.
  2. 5 out of 5

    Great Lights |
    Verified Purchase

    Installed 4 of these on my trailer trailer and are using them for back up lights Lights up the area very well No problems backing into the site now at nite These are super bright
  3. 3 out of 5

    Good but be warned can turn into a fire hazard. |
    Verified Purchase

    These LED's are worth the money if you you dont plan on having them on for extended periods of time. Quality is very low, but they are bright. I have them as floor lighting in my car but I'll be removing them because they get so hot i am concerned about them turning into a fire hazard. They reach 120 degrees within 5 minutes and the backing tape starts to dettach at 10 minutes and ~150 degrees.
  4. 5 out of 5

    They are bright |
    Verified Purchase

    I'm pretty pleased with these lights. I figured for the price, I'd take a shot. I installed these on the inside of my hood (98 Ram) to better light the engine compartment. Wired it up to the semi-useless, existing light (might swap that bulb for an LED bulb also) so they also come on when the hood is raised. They really do a nice job of illuminating the engine bay. I didn't use the peel off tape. I used epoxy to attach a couple of ring terminals to each, and screwed them in place. Wasn't sure about the tape holding under the engine temps. For folks who are concerned that the wire cover does not go to the end of the lamp. I just slid mine all the way to lamp, so it's covered. Plus I used wire loom as well...couldn't hurt. I took the pics when it was still kind of light, but you can see in the reflection, that they do brighten things up. Yes I also used a flash. Greg
  5. 3 out of 5

    Great Idea with a lot of uses, (but in need of improvements) |
    Verified Purchase

    There are a lot of uses for these lights, almost anywhere in a vehicle, courtesy lights, cargo space lights, under hood lights, camper lights, stock trailer lights, computer case lights, and with the proper power adapter, they could be under cabinet lights, gun safe lights, curio cabinet lights, pathway lights, solar powered lights, you name it. They are inexpensive, take up little room, and put out a lot of light. However, I believe they can only be used in a protected location, out of the weather. They are a great idea that is rather poorly executed. The chip on board design is bright, but uses a (usually florescent) silicone rubber cover material. There is nothing else to protect the light engine, just the transparent rubber. Another issue is the fine wires that are soldered to the LED, have no strain relief. The cable jacket is not attached to the assembly at all, so plan on keeping the wires from moving somehow, or the wires will break. The aluminum case is not hermetic or even IP67 waterproof. The case is just pressed on and maybe glued, but certainly not very water-proof. I was able to remove the case with a light pull. The LED assembly is attached to an aluminum back plate, (probably a heat sink of sorts) and that is covered by a nice piece of 3M (Brand) foam mounting tape. My thought is, if you use the foam tape for mounting (as designed) then you better drive the light conservatively, because the foam will insulate the back plate, and make it less effective as a heat sink. That is another problem. There are no directions, diagrams, or specifications supplied, other than the voltage probably being in the 12V to 13.5V range (guess). I did a test, and as long as you keep the total DC power at or below 3 watts, the heat produced does not seem to be a problem, even with the foam tape in place. That is 12 VDC, at one quarter amp (250 milliamperes). A vehicle battery fully charged is about 13.8 volts, and the alternator voltage is sometimes slightly higher. This could be why some people are having LEDs that quit working in a short time. A circuit to limit the current to 250 ma. probably would be best. I bought four assemblies (lights) and two have the silicone rubber cover badly applied. The other two are better, All four put out a good light, and generate some heat doing it. I would say to use them continuously at maximum output, it would be better to remove the foam tape, and bond the aluminum back plate directly to a good thermal sink.
  6. 5 out of 5

    These are great lights! I recently purchased the dark blue version ... |
    Verified Purchase

    These are great lights! I recently purchased the dark blue version but I think it might be illegal to have any type of "blue" lights on the front of a vehicle in Colorado. So... I will be replacing the blue version with these white lights instead. It's too bad because the blue glow looked awesome. Feb 2016 - These lights are still going strong!
  7. 5 out of 5

    Incredible Brightness.. COB LED's are the best! |

    I've been shopping around for weeks, looking for the best LED's for my 09 Toyota Prius. Came across these and took a chance. I wired them to my parking lights, took me about an hour and a roll of 16 gauge wire. You only need about 3 or 4 feet to be safe. The wire on the LED is not long enough for most applications. Now they are installed and I fear I'll be making everyone upset on the road.. Great!! They will see me coming and they will save my HID headlights from being used in the day. Very much worth the $29
  8. 1 out of 5

    Don't buy it hasn't even been 12 hours since I ... |
    Verified Purchase

    Don't buy it hasn't even been 12 hours since I installed these so called dld lights and one of the lights wires literally melted
  9. 1 out of 5

    they work fine on just 12 |
    Verified Purchase

    These overheat when 13.8 volts is applied (normal car voltage); they work fine on just 12.0 VDC, but that's not what your car puts out. That difference, 1.8 volts, really makes a difference in power. BTW I'm an EE.
  10. 1 out of 5

    Lowest possible quality |
    Verified Purchase

    It worked just abt 1-2 days and stopped working