Simplicity SideWinder Portable Bobbin…

$29.99 $17.49

Convenient and compact for home and bringing to class
Includes machine, AC power cord/adapter
Easily fill bobbins without having to thread and unthread
Accommodates all bobbins except viking
Transfer thread from spool to bobbin effortlessly and quickly; simplicity’s sidewinder works with most bobbins, metal or plastic; adjustable tension knob to accommodate different thicknesses of thread;
Portable, and runs on two aa batteries or a power cord so it can be taken to classes
Automatic shut-off when bobbin is full

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With the touch of a button quickly and easily fill bobbins without having to un-thread and re-thread your sewing machine. The compact size means it fits anywhere making it great for toting to class. The SideWinder is a free-standing machine; comes with a UL-approved AC power cord/adapter (included) or runs on 2 AA batteries (not included). Accommodates all bobbins (except Viking) that have a standard round center hole and includes instructions for use. The Sidewinder features a convenient flip top; is white and measures only 3 by 5-1/4 by 3-1/2-inch. Imported.


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10 Reviews from Amazon

  1. 1 out of 5

    They need to work out the bugs |

    It appears from the reviews that you either love this little gizmo, or you hate it. I'm afraid I come down on the latter side of the issue. It should be such a useful little item, and I wish I could recommend it, but I honestly can't. I don't have much patience, but I am known for my creativity, and I exhausted both trying to get this product to work as advertised. Thinking that my problem was the thread I was using and that the elasticity of nylon might be causing issues with the tension, I tried cotton thread with little more success. At least the nylon thread was easy enough to cut off the bobbin; cotton thread was a pain. I was going to try silk, but I decided even I wasn't that masochistic. The bobbin tends to wind unevenly because the tension mechanism grabs the thread and becomes jammed. This causes the wildly winding bobbin to bunch the thread into the already assembled mass. Even when the mechanism is winding properly, the jumping of the bobbin creates major loops of thread that then get embedded into the oncoming material. Any thought of putting this mess into a machine would be shear insanity. It seems highly likely that it is the speed of the winder that causes the problems I've seen. Certainly the ability to control the speed with the switch would have helped with all of the problems I've addressed. Unfortunately it doesn't even turn the machine off, only on, and one has to pop the lever designed to stop the machine when the bobbin is full in order to stop a miss-winding thread from doing any more damage. This product is such a good idea. As one of the other reviewers notes, it really is a bother to have to unwind and rewind you machine to do your bobbins, and there really isn't any reason the idea shouldn't work. I note that there is a "new" model, but after dealing with this one and spending what I did to purchase it, I find myself unwilling to throw good money after bad should the "new" model work no better than the "old" one did. A far better plan, certainly a cheaper and less frustrating one and the one I intend to employ, is to wind enough bobbins at the start of my project so that I don't have to use either my machine or a bobbin winder mid-project. Bobbins aren't that expensive, and I could have bought quite a few for what I paid for this device! A little before its time, perhaps. Definitely needs to work out the bugs.
  2. 4 out of 5

    Usefulness outweighs the bad |

    I own a Brother embroidery/sewing machine, and sometimes the bobbin thread runs out while I'm in the middle of embroidering a design. I wanted this bobbin winder so that I wouldn't have to completely stop the embroidery pattern to wind a new bobbin. I read all the reviews and took the bad ones into account - and I still wanted it. But I will say, that the only reason I bought it sooner rather than later is I had a 50% off coupon for the Jo Ann Fabrics price.(local Jo Ann, no shipping). Please read the product reviews at the Jo Ann website. I read some tips that helped me use it better. It is very light weight. Even though I am using it with the included power cord, I put batteries in it, just to help make it stable. Pull the spindle up to its *full* height, then put the spool of thread on. Wind the bobbin thread in, following the included instructions. Then be sure to thread the bobbin up through the hole in the top of the bobbin and hang on to the end of the thread *firmly* when you begin. Keep your finger on top of the bobbin as it winds, so that it will not jump around. This unfortunate step is needed because the company did not include a lock of some sort to hold the bobbin down. Pro: It does exactly what I need it to do. Con: The company should have made a much sturdier product
  3. 4 out of 5

    Convenient but needs a stop button |

    My bobbin rewind broke on my Singer and since everything else works on it and I love my machine, I didn't want to be without it waiting for a part. I happened upon the SideWinder and thought at first it seemed expensive, but it was cheaper than a repair on my machine so I bought it. It works. I haven't had it long so I can't speak for it's longevity but it does work quickly. My only negative is that you push the button to turn it on, but you can't push the button to turn it off. The machine stops automatically when the bobbin is full. But what if you don't want a full bobbin, then you have to either pull the plug or remove the batteries - very inconvenient. So, I would have given it a five if they would have made an "on/off" button instead of just an "on".
  4. 1 out of 5

    Not what I expected from a Wright's product |

    The SideWinder doesn't wind bobbins for my Bernina artista 730. It doesn't wind evenly and is almost impossible to remove the bobbin from the winding spindle.
  5. 3 out of 5

    A decent product with some issues |

    I bought this device because when I use the bobbin winder on my Singer Quantum Futura CE-100 in embroidery mode, sometimes the software driver gets "confused" about whether the bobbin winder is still being used or not. Having a separate bobbin winder has let me avoid this problem entirely, thus saving quite a bit of time and frustration. It would probably also be useful if the bobbin winder on one's machine was broken, thus letting one avoid a repair bill for at least a little while. Issues I've observed: - The model I have won't hold the larger spools of thread which I use for quilting and embroidery. However, I've gotten around this problem by holding my spools on a knitting needle while using the winder. If one has a thread stand, that could probably be pressed into service instead. - An "off" button would be very nice! Of course, the machine turns off automatically when bobbins fill with a certain amount of thread. One can also toggle the little thread-sensing lever and turn the winder off. However, I've run into a couple of situations where I didn't have enough hands - I was holding a spool of thread on a knitting needle, the bobbin wasn't winding quite right, and turning the winder off required some fumbling around. - The product has a cheap feel about it, and the motor doesn't seem particularly powerful. Only time will tell how durable these winders are. However, it probably isn't fair to compare the quality of an inexpensive portable tool like this with a sewing machine costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. It has already saved me half an hour of software hassles with my embroidery machine this weekend; if it does that a few more times, it will have paid for itself! - The product documentation states that the winder won't work with Singer Futura bobbins. Please note that Singer Futura bobbins are NOT the same as the bobbins used for the Quantum Futura sewing/embroidery machines, which are a 15J. My 15J bobbins fit on the winder just fine. Bottom line: I'd like to give this winder a four or five star rating, but it isn't quite there yet. That isn't intended to be a knock on the product: it's good and useful; it's just in its first generation of production. I won't be surprised if subsequent generations address many of the issues which I and others have observed.
  6. 1 out of 5

    Not for all sewing machines |

    What a disappointment!! My Pfaff bobbins will not go over the shaft on the Sidewinder. I understand the same problem exists for Viking machines. Our local quilt shop isn't reordering. And I am returning mine.
  7. 3 out of 5

    Blessing or Curse? |
    Verified Purchase

    I just purchased my second Sidewinder. The bobbin winder on my Pfaff is kaput. The repairman says it should work, but it doesn't. So I use a Sidewinder. Without the Sidewinder I would have to get rid of my favorite sewing machine, so I have to consider the Sidewinder a blessing. However, it is far from perfect. First, the spindle does not fit my bobbins exactly, so I have to really push down hard to get them onto it. Second, it does not appear to matter what type thread I use, or how much I wind it around the bobbin, getting the Sidewinder to actually keep enough tension to begin the winding process is a time consuming chore. Also, I have to hold on to the end of the thread to keep enough tension on it until the Sidewinder actually starts winding the thread. Then when I let it go, the end gets all tangled with the first few inches of wound thread. Once the Sidewinder actually starts winding the thread, I have to keep a close watch that it shuts off before the bobbin becomes overfull. It should shut off automatically in time, but seldom does. Instead, I have to manually move the little V shaped piece that you push in toward the bobbin when starting the winding process, away from the bobbin when I see the winding is near completion. I find it easier to interrupt my sewing to wind a bobbin on my sewing machine, than to use the Sidewinder. So, in that sense it is a curse. But in either case, I prefer to fill a bunch of bobbins at the start of a project so I do not have to wind them mid project. I see the deluxe version of the Sidewinder also gets mixed reviews. It seems to me someone could create a better product at a competitive price. However, as my Sidewinder is starting to sound a bit funky, I find myself purchasing a second on to have on hand when the first gives up the ghost. The fact that I am buying a second Sidewinder is testament to how much I love my Pfaff, not to how much I like the Sidewinder.
  8. 4 out of 5

    Works great for me with a minor hack. |

    This works great for me and my Singer Bobbins 66's. I find it best not to wind past the auto stop created by the little plastic guide. Every time I wind the bobbins too full or beyond the guide stop I would get problems. So now I just wind a couple extra bobbins. I'd of given this 5 stars if I hadn't had to add curtain weights with duct tape to the back of the thing. The machine becomes top heavy when the lid is open causing the it to flip backwards. Now I know this seems trivial but since I do not have a dedicate place for this to live 24/7 it creates problems when it is used, flopping over and knocking other things off the table, even itself, bobbins and thread rolling all about. An extreme insanity maker now fixed by the addition of some weight in the back. See photo I uploaded. Sew on....foot down!
  9. 4 out of 5

    A good little winder |

    I got this at my local quilt shop this weekend and I just love it. Yes - it doesn't work for all bobbins, but it works just fine for my Pfaff - it's a 2040. There is a list on the box of those known to the company that it doesn't work for. Yes - it can wind up uneven - but so does my sewing machine and ever sewing machine I've ever had. I always use my finger to control the winding on any machine to make sure it's getting on there eveningly. I didn't have any problem setting it up and using it. The only problem I have with the machine is that little tail of thread that you put through the bobbin to start it can get caught up in the thread that is winding on. The machine is pretty quick and that happend only once of the 3 times I used it. It was no problem though, just tugged on the end after snipping it and it pulled free. I would recommend it, provided it works for the bobbins you have to wind.
  10. 1 out of 5

    Broken... |

    Power button is broken right out of the box. Will be returning this for a refund, not a replacement.