Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit

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Photo emulsion is one of the most exciting techniques of screen printing and offers a wide range of possibilities
This method allows for fine line drawings, various lettering techniques, and photographic half-tone positives
Includes 6.6-ounce of photo emulsion, 1-ounce of photo emulsion sensitizer, 8-ounces of photo emulsion remover and detailed instructions
Printing screen, film positive or transparency film and light source not included
Conforms to astm d4236

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Photo emulsion is one of the most exciting techniques of screen printing and offers a wide range of possibilities. This method allows for fine line drawings, various lettering techniques, and photographic half-tone positives. This package contains 6.6 ounces of photo emulsion, 1 fluid ounce of photo emulsion sensitizer, 8 fluid ounces of photo emulsion remover and detailed instructions. Printing screen, film positive or transparency film, and light source not included. Conforms to ASTM D4236.


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  1. 4 out of 5

    Daizo and Speedball make overall good stuff. |
    Verified Purchase

    The first thing you want to do is check that nothing has broken, spilled, or dried. The emulsion with be thick like glue and blue in color. The remover will be thin and clear like medical alcohol or bleach. Both should have cardboard gasketed lids and foil caps on them. The sensatizer (tiny bottle) should be either dry and at the bottom, or thick and at the bottom. If any of the sensatizer is spilled out of the little bottle (along the threads or down the side) send the kit back for a new one immediately. The product is good if you get it undamaged, but Speedball uses incompetant monkey powered robots made from scrap pulled from the Robot Wars set to package everything so check your stuff. As for operation, when the sensatizer is added to the emulsion it turns a good medium (not quite emerald) green and will turn back to blue after it cooks out when you burn the stencil. Look for a light-medium blue hue and the uncooked parts under the negative image should have a yellow, jaundace like hue to them. When cleaning out the emmulsion make sure to wipe up messes immediately as the emulsion leaves yellow stains on nearly every surface known to man, including porcelin and the steel rim around my sink. Trial and error for new users will happen, just don't leave emulsion in a screen for a long period of time if you don't want a permenant stencil, and clean the screen completely before letting it dry if you don't want a permenant stencil (yes the emulsion remover may make the emulsion impossible to remove. Don't ask me how, I failed mad science 101).
  2. 5 out of 5

    Just like a pro uses |
    Verified Purchase

    This was identical (other than color) to what we used in a professional screen printing shop. Moderation is key or you will have quite a mess on your hands... and screen, and floor, and anything else you are near. I used this with the YUDU printing machine. It worked well for the small jobs I did. I just used the ink squeegee that came with the machine. It probably would've been easier with a better squeegee but I was just doing one or two screens at a time and it didn't require a lot of precision. If you have a smaller design, you can put emulsion only across where your design will be to conserve. Just be sure to tape it off well. You can spread this stuff pretty thin too. I think I made 10 or 15 full screens with this bottle. It's the consistency of white glue and smells pretty similar. If you spill, it's easy to clean up with a wet cloth/paper towel or wait til it dries and peel it off. This is easily removed with the YUDU emulsion remover.
  3. 5 out of 5

    Great, easy to use product! |
    Verified Purchase

    I've used screen printing products on and off for quite a few years now on various projects. Because my projects varied, I was never able to nail down a good exposure time. This product made exposure easy. It changes color as it hardens so all you have to do is keep an eye on it, and when the exposed area turns blue - You're done! So easy.
  4. 4 out of 5

    Works with Yudu |
    Verified Purchase

    I bought this product because the Yudu products are too expensive. I haven't tried the sheets that come with a Yudu yet, I hear they are difficult. This one took a bit of trial & error to get the thickness etc correct. But after some trial, I learned not to get it too thick. I use a paintbrush to apply & a squeegee to even it out. Then you dry in the rack. It's pretty easy once you experiment.
  5. 1 out of 5

    Not as advertised. |
    Verified Purchase

    I am unable to accurately rate this as I did not receive what was advertised. I received 2 bottled of emulsion remover and 1 bottle of sensitizer. I received ZERO actual photo emulsion so the kit was unusable. I am returning and hoping for the correct item next time. Very disappointed. Second box came today WITH THE SAME ISSUE! Better off spending a couple extra bucks and driving to Hobby Lobby.
  6. 5 out of 5

    Easy with great results |
    Verified Purchase

    i generally think of Speedball screenpinting products as being good for amateurs and beginners. While I've transitioned away from Speedball products for the most part in my seven years screenprinting I have stuck with Speedball's photo emulsion because it always gives me great results. This photo emulsion creates great results, the quality and resolution of the imagines I've fixed with this photo emulsion is always great and the only thing limiting the fine details is the mesh count of my silkscreen fabric, not the photo emulsion. This photo emulsion kit is easier to work with using a homemade setup, I use a 300 watt bulb that I bought at the hardware store for 3 dollars. Cleanup is always easy and this photo emulsion seems to be less toxic than a lot of the other competitors. Overall a great product that I recommend to everyone who wants to get into screen printing.
  7. 3 out of 5

    I still love the original photo emulsion kits |
    Verified Purchase

    I still love the original photo emulsion kits, you do have to mix the entire bottle, which is not a problem if you do a lot of screening, but since I'm only screening once or twice a year, this product isn't most idea.
  8. 5 out of 5

    Works Great |
    Verified Purchase

    A bit of a long story... I purchased an "all in one" Speedball printing kit from University Arts in Redwood City, CA. The box was sealed in plastic wrap and looked perfectly intact. When I got it home and opened it, I saw that the bottle of emulsion remover had leaked out into the box at some point (it had completely evaporated by the time I bought it). It dissolved must/most of the instructions (available online, so not a huge deal) and generally made a mess of things in the box. Ultimately the exposure I tried did not work as the emulsion just didn't set. I'm guessing it had "gone bad" or weakened with age. I bought the Diazo emulsion kit and it worked just fine, so I know my lamp/setup/etc. wasn't the problem. I've made some successful prints using the inks and screen contained in the original kit, but I think the rest of it was just too old. Buyer beware I suppose. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime shipping! This kit saved the day.
  9. 5 out of 5

    Great product - read and follow the directions |
    Verified Purchase

    This is a great product that produces very clear screens. Read and follow the directions. There are also a very good videos showing how to use the product online. Double up your transparency sheets to create a really strong negative for exposure. need to use the correct exposure time and type of bulb to get good results and make sure that you do not apply the emulsion too thickly to the screen. I use this with my high school students and we are able to create at least 7 - 10 screens per bottle. Also for the reviews that spoke about an empty bottle - again read the directions. The sensitizer bottle comes "empty". You are supposed to add water to it. When you open it you will see that there is green powder in the bottle but it will not feel heavy until you add water and shake it all up.
  10. 5 out of 5

    Makes stencils easy |
    Verified Purchase

    It had been years since I dragged out the silkscreen to print some t-shirts for a special occasion. I knew there were better ways to make stencils but this was a cinch to to get a real nice end result. This product really made it easy to turn my design into a good printing screen. I followed a youtube suggestion or two and read a little bit on the internet about others' experiences. Once I got my confidence up, I turned a shop light and a photo copying stand into my light exposure table. First try was great. The laser printer transparencies I used worked really well to block the light where I wanted the emulsion to wash out. It produced a highly detailed screen design after washing with the garden hose sprayer. Just followed directions. I can't wait until I get inspired again to do some printing. I probably should get right on it since I've got most of the jar of emulsion still left over in the fridge.